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Hidden Plains by Tech Troupe
Hidden Plains is a survival / adventure game hybrid, in which you take the role of Terry B. Davis, a relic hunter on the trail of a long lost survey ship, when you crash on a Y-type planet. Collect parts to repair your ship, meet the locals, learn about the illegal operation being hidden on this planet, and possibly discover your destiny. Resolution: 640 x 360 -- Check my site for the l...

Released: 31 Dec 2017
While conducting archaeological recovery in an unknown star system of the Eureka Cluster, the crew of the FSV Thrift is abducted by some form of purple energy alien. Only one man, Jeff Tobel, is left behind, and must find a way to save his crew-mates after being stuck aboard a disabled ship which he doesn’t even have full clearance to use. *** This is my first game, but hopefully not my...

Released: 4 Aug 2015
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