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Case Noir by Two Tales
Update(7Apr2016) - Bugs/Glitches fixed. Use Mirror for old version. Follow Jack Noir and McCloud as you guide Jack through his first case as a homicide detective. The decisions you make throughout the case will affect the overall outcome and you will be rated on the choices you made. Featuring three possible endings. Can you discover the true killer and close the case? Version update 14/...

Released: 12 Jun 2015
Update(6Apr2016) - Bugs/Glitches fixed. Use Mirror for old version. Faye King is a pilot for hire. Often taking on smuggling jobs and other dubious assignments on a no-questions-asked basis. [br] When a routine flight runs in to trouble, Faye is forced to crash land in the jungle injuring her paying passenger. Now Faye must set off in to the jungle to look for help.[endsummary] This is my fir...

Released: 1 Jan 2015
I Walked a Path by Two Tales
A very short interactive poem. Created within two weeks for AdventureJam2017. Controls: Mouse (left click)....

Released: 23 May 2017
Rabbit Hill by Two Tales
A couple bored of the same summer drive to visit their family, decide to take a detour through the countryside where they are involved in an unfortunate accident. While walking to find help, they stumble upon Rabbit hill. A small fictional hamlet located deep in the heart of the Sussex countryside in England. A slow paced, atmospheric horror game. Unzip file before use. Open winsetup.exe to...

Released: 28 Mar 2016
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