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∞ bit by Vince Twelve
Travel from waystation to waystation along the unending corridor of the infinity bit. Fly your escape pod, run and jump, collect upgrades. Reach infinity! -Two gameplay modes -Puzzle Platforming -Arcade action flight -Upgrades to collect -Awesome music...

Released: 8 Aug 2010
Anna by Vince Twelve
Welcome to Outpost Station. A deep-space lookout intended to serve as an early warning system in case of attack by "the enemy." You are Hero, a clean-room technician charged with the maintenance of all the station's systems including Anna, the intelligent computer system that runs the station. The day starts as routinely as any other, but ends with Homeworld's very survival in jeopardy. [end...

Released: 26 Aug 2005
Domestic Conspiracy Demo by Vince Twelve
Try out the demo for Domestic Conspiracy! Tubbsy needs to activate his overly-complex trap, but his lifetime of eating paintchips and living under power lines has left him without a viable memory. Luckily, he's left a number of clues to help him remember how to work the contraption. Good luck with these challenging puzzles!...

Released: 30 Oct 2005
Forest by Vince Twelve
A 48 hour game made for Molyjam 2013[br] [br] Explore the Forest of People. Talk to its residents, discover their secrets. It's quite scary, actually. Come for the pseudo-3d, stay for the live-action FMV ending....

Released: 16 Jul 2013
Resonance by Vince Twelve
Resonance merges classic point-and-click gameplay with innovative, contemporary storytelling thanks to its nostalgic pixel-art graphics, suspenseful plotline, and creative puzzles. A brilliant particle physicist has just died under suspicious circumstances, leaving the classified details of his powerful new technology locked away in a hidden vault. Now fate has thrown together four strangers - ...

Released: 19 Jun 2012
He never talks to me anymore. He never talks to anyone anymore. His eyes are always closed. I wonder what he sees... Features: -Unique dual story gameplay -Multiple Endings -English and Japanese Language -Loads of graphical effects -A dynamic music system and amazing soundtrack -An exciting and bizarre story -Another exciting and bizarre story -A cool interactive manual...

Released: 25 Nov 2006
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