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Fallen Angel by White Hawk Entertainment
Once upon a time, on the island of Nithrm, their inhabitants noticed an unusual white light in the sky. As its size increased, they started to perceive a sharper form. After a while it became obvious that white light was winged! Before they could realize how important this fact was, something landed (or rather crashed) with a dry sound. The nearest person to the crash site, as curious as ev...

Released: 27 Mar 2006
Operation Save Blue Cup by White Hawk Entertainment
You are Benny, the best killer in the city. The government has hired you to save the kidnapped Blue Cup from an angry Farmer. They have left you with a gun and a car. Now you have to kill everything that tries to stop you from saving the Blue Cup. [endsummary] Feautures: A total of 4 Levels. 3 Bosses. Crappy animations. 1 Original tune. Autosave function....

Released: 25 Apr 2006
Trapped In A Building by White Hawk Entertainment
One day Dave Gibbons finds himself in a room trapped in a building. You got to help him get out of there.....

Released: 26 Apr 2004
Where did Sam go? by White Hawk Entertainment
Max has been waiting in the car for ages and is starting to worry about Sam. He decides to go inside to look after him. And YOU have to help him find Sam. ALL graphic (except inventory items, GUIs, cursors) and music is ripped off LucasArts games and is copyright (c) LucasArts....

Released: 7 Mar 2006
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