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The experiment - Part 1: The laboratory

by Pilcz Studios

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Release Date:
12 Mar 2009
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Short game (can be completed within 30 minutes)
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MAGS game Monthly AGS competition entry
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About this game

At the funeral of his brother a physics student gets a strange message from a professor, who invites him to his laboratory.

The first episode of a scifi series, with english subtitles and hungarian dub.
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graphics, scripts, story
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AGS Panel Review

"Pleasing to the eye and has an interesting story. Although what lets it down are the puzzles, as they are very difficult. Especially the one involving the phone number. What would improve it greatly would be a little push into the right direction in order to solve the puzzles and a proof read. As these hinder the enjoyment of what possibly could be a good game. Otherwise a nice start to a series. "

9 people commented on this game (newest first):

It start great but playing along it made no sence, it's a bit of a cheap demo type, i played the second part to, the mini puzzles you did put in were way to hard, better had put more effort in the game self !!!, You could be great but take it to high. Give your games some challenge and a script, a exciting story and some minigames. Don't take to far. Don't run before having walked.
You can do this.
2013-05-05 20:50:01 by droenkoard
No doubt, its a hard game :) Really hard to solve most of the puzzles. Apart from this, the game is cool both in graphics, and in the overall atmosphere. The next part is much more easier, and has a lot of excitement :)
2011-03-02 23:17:29 by RoliX
I liked the voice acting! I don't speak hungarian but they had a pleasant, smooth sound to them. It didn't confuse me, as I had the english subtitles right there. I enjoy voice acting and I don't have any complaints on the quality of the acting. You don't expect them to be oscar winning, anyway, but I thought these were good. I like this game and hope to see the sequels up soon.
2009-04-22 14:49:34 by Maria (maclasch)
Really nice game, with well-made story and backgrounds. The graphics are between the super-realistic and the cartoon style, and that's what really hard to create. I think the puzzles aren't so consequent, but as it has been announced, this is a hard(core) adventure game.
Good work placyd, lookin forward for the next episode!
2009-04-06 03:50:06 by papirnehezek
You are wrong about the book puzzle, because you don't have to look any of the objects you mentioned ;)
2009-03-21 17:12:54 by placyd
Right at the beginning, when you have to examine the bathroom mirror, the smoking table and maybe even the clock (I don't recall) to be allowed to check out the Asimov book. Being an Asimov fan, I made the connection quickly when I was told to "look at Mirror image", because the hero mentions he has some Asimov books when you look at the bookshelf, but the guy has to look at every goddamn reflecting surface before he does.

I guess my complaint about the voice acting was easy to misunderstand. I know I can turn off the voices in the winsetup file, the cause of my puzzlement was the fact why some developers are motivated to include voice acting in their freeware puzzle adventure games especially if the people they're working with cannot act. I'm not asking this because I wish to offend you, but because I'm genuinely interested in the reason why you decided to include voice acting. If the emphasis had been more on storytelling than puzzle gameplay then I probably wouldn't have said a word about this
2009-03-21 09:18:54 by Dave (Dave1985)
The translation is under proofreading now, so it will be better.
I can't remember that there is a part in the game, where you have to things in a particular order - please tell me some ;)
And you can turn off the voice in the setup if you don't like it.
2009-03-18 13:14:44 by placyd
The translation is under proofreading now, so it will be better.
I can't remember that there is a part in the game, where you have to do things in particular order, please tell me some ;)
You can turn off the voice in the setup, if you don't like it ;)
2009-03-18 13:11:39 by placyd
Although I'm Hungarian, I did check out the English translation and found it a little bit dodgy, but I've seen worse. However, the fact you have to do things in a particular order is a very bad choice in game design. It doesn't make any sense to not let me do something for a totally arbitrary reason until I do something else that is actually completely irrelevant. The clues for the puzzles are a bit too vague as well, and it's very discouraging to have the player run around not knowing what to do right from the very beginning.
My other niggle is the voice acting. I can't really understand why a short, freeware game would need voice actors, since amateur actors usually can't act to save their lives, as is the case here, and that really detracts from the atmosphere.
2009-03-17 19:06:17 by Dave (Dave1985)
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