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Arden's Vale

by Antipus

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Game Genre:
Game Type:
Story Type:
Release Date:
19 Aug 2011
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Short game (can be completed within 30 minutes)
Short game Can be completed within 30 minutes
Medium length game Takes at least 30 mins to finish
Full length game As long as a Sierra / LucasArts classic
MAGS game Monthly AGS competition entry
Non-adventure game Using Adventure Game Studio for something else?!
Joke game You know when it fits this category ;)
Demo Unfinished games / commercial games
Training game Games made just to try out AGS
Newly added games Not yet categorised
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Content advisory:
Occasional, mild

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About this game

Riel must embark on a dangerous quest to save her sister, who is on the brink of death, by stealing a magic stone with healing powers from an evil enchanter. After infiltrating the enchanter's castle, she must survive sinister traps, talking gargoyles, nearly logical puzzles, terrible puns, and finally the enchanter himself in order to get the stone and save her sister.

v1.1 Released Oct. 7, 2011! Includes improved animations, new music, an additional way to end the game, and more! Enjoy!
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AGS Awards

Won, Best Short Game 2011

Nominated, Best Gameplay 2011

Nominated, Best Puzzles 2011

Nominated, Best Animation 2011

AGS Panel Review

"A wonderful bite-sized adventure game with a couple of puzzle options, though once you head down a certain path the game 'locks' you into it, making certain obvious solutions impossible. Still, the only real drawback is that the game is over just as it starts to get exciting. Highly recommended!"

10 people commented on this game (newest first):

This was a really fun little game. I loved the overall feel of the game. The setting was great, and really appealed to my fandom of old Sierra classics. The graphics were beautiful in a low resolution. And the story, while short, was quite nice. Nothing in the game was too difficult or too easy. I also enjoyed the music. Most of all, I liked the humor.

I would play more. I loved that it left off on a little bit of a cliffhanger, hinting at more to come (although I don't expect we will ever see it, it's still nice).

(The download link was dead at the time of this message, I did a Google search to find a download at
2017-04-08 07:30:51 by dactylopus
Quite surprising. I liked this one. I usually don't like this theme and mood, but this game is very well done.
2014-02-06 03:26:13 by Janos Biro
Very good short game with multiple ways to break the puzzles. Story is not so original, but I really enjoyed this game.
2012-01-19 14:20:45 by Matiavelli
Very, very, very recommended. I truly hope we'll get to see a longer game from Antipus. I'd pay for it!
2011-09-24 18:49:10 by bdisraeli
This game is on the border between good and great :)

Puzzles are just about right, there are good graphics and character animations, and also rather humourous. There is also a goal, a goal that is to get 50 points. Achievable (if you are good at puzzles)

I don't know why anyone would not want to play is fairly could have been more captivating (but the music still good), can't think of any other drawbacks.
2011-09-15 20:26:19 by Andy
I must have been half-asleep when I posted my previous comment - of course there is more than one piece of music in this game!
2011-09-01 12:16:44 by CaptainD
Lovely little game, obviously would appeal to KQ fans but doesn't rely on knowledge of those games. Some nice puzzles, good dialogue, great retro graphics. The music was fine though there appeared to be only one tune (?). The storyline could do with a little tweaking but for a short game it worked well enough.
2011-08-24 00:28:57 by CaptainD
This is the best new AGS game I've seen in a while. Absolutely loved it.
2011-08-21 01:51:55 by Saara (VerityDemortem)
Play this game!

Great graphics and, for the most part, very smart puzzles. The music adds a nice atmosphere, and in general I got a very good feeling playing this game.

Some jokes scattered here and there might break the pace a little bit. The history is a bit weak, but the writing is good.

I enjoyed the lock puzzle. You'll notice that the game expects you to be focused; while short, it's not a casual game.
2011-08-20 09:07:37 by jkohen
Beautiful King's Quest-ish *GEM*.

Extremely recommend!!
2011-08-19 09:27:35 by arj0n (Arj0n)
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