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by fentonfilmgames

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3 Oct 2013
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Not enough votes yet
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About this game

Absent is a story which follows the character of young-adult and college student, Murray Schull. He and his two best friends, Eve and Steve, attend a college in which students are disappearing daily. It's up to them to find out how this is happening, why this is happening, protect their other friends, and to put a stop to it once and for all.

Steve's girlfriend, Crystal, has mysteriously disappeared on her way home from college. But further into the investigation, and through Murray's new-found paranormal visions, Murray realises that whatever caused Crystal's disappearence was not anything from this earth. Alongside his vision, Murray is confronted with puzzles, with friends turning against each other, and all for one reason. The Reaper.

AGS Panel Review

"A few rough edges fail to detract from an otherwise solid adventure."

7 people commented on this game (newest first):

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2016-11-25 23:06:14 by Sinusoid
Brilliant game! Voice acting is spot on and the plot has a great story arc.

Didn't need any hints or walkthrough to finish. Total time probably about 8 hours, so a very nice match of difficulty and length.

Looking forward to more projects from this creator for sure!!!
2013-10-27 07:43:46 by Mandle
I like this game a lot,though only played for about 20 mins.
good voice acting,and keeps u interested.
I found some of the characters walking movements a bit odd,LIKE when one character is meant to be following another.
They don't!,instead they are sort of stuck to a spot and when your character say ,walks through a door ,they suddenly "catchup" and appear next to you.
A small point also,where is the quit option?
I found voice/subtitles option on F9 and that wouldn't clear from the screen,so i had to kill the game and restart.
If it had a bit of patching to sort out a few issues,it would be more enjoyable,Thanks for great game!
2013-10-24 19:39:49 by donkeymilk

The main character in this game sounds exactly like that guy from the In-betweeners. The briefcase one :)

It is pretty comical, especially with the setting being at college

But anyways, in all seriousness, this is a well rounded game with great visuals to set the tone for the storyline, some fine voice-acting, and some neat puzzles. What more can you ask for?

Having said that, I did find the storyline a little confusing. But that could just be me.

Also for anyone playing: I found the game would load and save from the WinSetup file, but the game would crash out if I tried to do that from the actual main gamefile. So don't panic if that happens to you.
2013-10-17 19:44:15 by Andy
Great game, still haven't finished it yet, so I can echo some of MrCheminee's sentiments in that regard. Only because I've played loads of AGS games, I realised quickly that F5/F7 allows you to save & load respectively. But you do want to make this a bit more obvious for your players who may not suss this out quickly. It's a worthy adventure to savour over a few nights and not rush through because you don't know how to save. ;)
2013-10-09 10:37:17 by Uziel
I think this is a really great game and I hope to see more games from them in the future.
2013-10-08 19:41:40 by Michael2968
The game is beautiful made. The voice acting is great. The story is really good. But at some moment I found myself with no clue of what te do, there was no mission left neither were there any hints on what to do next. Then I came at the point that I could not save my game.
So even though I had fun playing the game, the time I put in really feels like a waste, because I could not go further and could not even save the game...
2013-10-07 15:25:15 by MrCheminee
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