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Da New Guys

by IceMan

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Game Genre:
Game Type:
Story Type:
Release Date:
13 Jul 2005
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Full length game
Short game Can be completed within 30 minutes
Medium length game Takes at least 30 mins to finish
Full length game As long as a Sierra / LucasArts classic
MAGS game Monthly AGS competition entry
Non-adventure game Using Adventure Game Studio for something else?!
Joke game You know when it fits this category ;)
Demo Unfinished games / commercial games
Training game Games made just to try out AGS
Newly added games Not yet categorised
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Content advisory:
Occasional, mild

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About this game

Da New Guys are the latest wrestling team to hit the Wrestle Zone. The Brain, Simon and Defender are three Brits trying to make it big, and were forced into an unlikely alliance upon arriving in the 'States. And they're about to face their biggest challenge yet - the repossession of their home!

Make sure you go to the website and get the speech pack!
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AGS Awards

Nominated, Best Dialogue Writing 2005

Nominated, Best Player Character 2005

Nominated, Best Non Player Character 2005

16 people commented on this game (newest first):

I think this was a fun and funny game to play. I am going to have to play the sequel when I get a chance.
2013-06-21 16:10:11 by Michael2968
Download link has expired :(
2010-05-16 09:12:52 by victor19
As a wrestling fan and lover of these games, Da New Guys was a joy to play. Funny writing, good puzzles, and likeable characters. I sure hope the sequal gets done someday.
2009-12-20 16:34:32 by Boost (BoosterBronze)
The only complaint I have is the game is a little unrefined and can be glitchy at times. It's nothing game halting, but your characters can get stuck sometimes. Other than that, good plot, fun characters, and hilarious storyline make this a must play!
2008-12-08 11:32:55 by Gun Sage (gunsage)
One of the most neglected settings in the pont & click Adventure genre is the wrestling scene. Fret not! Da New Guys covers this, but does it wrestle its way to a victory or defeat?


The first thing you'll notice is that the backgrounds and characters have a simple, yet cartoon-like style to them. This suits it well as the sprites mix with the backdrops. Each character is nicely animated and given the right amount of detail that gives them their character. Backgrounds are simply fantastic as well and you will be anticipating what new backdrops you will encounter as you go on. Also, there are some fantastic animated scenes. Everything looks great, but make sure you set the game's setup graphics to 640x400, even though it will suggest not to. The character sprites will look much better, but if you want to see the credits properly switch it back.

Visuals: 90%


One of the best qualities of this game is the way it pulls you into its world. It actually feels like you are watching a Saturday morning cartoon. Each character is well thought out and given its personality through the fantastic use of the speech pack. The voices are phenomenal considering the fact that the creator of the game did all of them on his own. This is definitely a memorable cast that you’ll love. The plot too is really great as it doesn't forces its jokes or takes its self too serious. As for the sounds and music you'll be hearing, it all sounds great and meshes together nicely. The only small gripe is the fact that the music is borrowed from other sources. Still, that does not ruin anything as the tunes are appropriate to each part of the game
2007-05-07 03:47:35 by Fleshstalker
Of all the AGS games I've played, Da New Guys is the greatest! It's funny, original and all three characters are fun to play as! I trust the upcoming sequel will be evan better.

Da New guys rating: 9.7/10
2006-06-23 01:05:30 by fentonfilms
This is one of the best AGS games I've ever played! Honestly!
2005-12-13 13:14:50 by Pablo
Every AGS gamer should play this one folks. Full of action, solveable puzzles, and humour, what more could you ask for?
2005-09-18 23:42:48 by Andy
I'm going to explain it in three words; REALLY REALLY GOOD. Now that that's over go download the game. NOW.
2005-08-11 15:55:23 by TheCheese33
It's been a while since I've come across a REALLY special AGs game to place alongside my own personal hall of fame, the Ben Jordan games, 5 Days a Stranger, Perils of Poom, Apprenctice 1 &2, Pleurghburg, etc. Da New Guys, however, has easily cruised into my list of very favourite AGs games.

The story of three odd wrestlers, Da New Guys is another one of those games with a really nostalgic, Saturday morning cartoon feel. The characters are brilliant, enhanced by the excellent voice pack and the beautifully drawn cartoon graphics. The music and sound effects are all top notch too.

The story is divided into four parts, making room for plenty of diverse puzzles and locations. For instance, at one point the action switches from the main plot to one of the wrestler's shifts at a local fast food joint, where you have to carry out some menial tasks to proceed with the game. This grounds the story brilliantly in an everyday suburban atmosphere, as does the wonderfully cosy flat that the main characters share
2005-08-06 09:25:40 by madmanmunt
Absolutely brill............great to hear that there will a sequel to this!
2005-07-29 02:47:00 by Jane
terrific game, i was able to do all the brilliant puzzles without resorting to hints, i really enjoyed playing it
2005-07-17 13:55:24 by Tina
This game manages to be freakin' hillarious without stooping to the lame crude humor we see so often around here.

The graphics are pretty good, the puzzles are logical and (for me) enjoyable, and the wrestling match minigame was hillarious. All in all, this game is coolnificant.
2005-07-17 09:33:06 by Blitzerland
Remarkable about this game — apart from some really cool humour — are the logical puzzles and the welldone voice acting (especially for a single voice actor).
2005-07-15 18:16:58 by Anonymous
I really enjoyed this game, best ags game I played in a long time. I like the graphic style and I loved the jokes. Hoping for a sequel/prequel Iceman ;)
[game category: Medium Length Joke game]
2005-07-15 09:58:55 by Mozesh!
very good. Only gripe with the graphics: not all characters had the same size black outline which was quite distracting. Otherwise, good job :)
2005-07-14 15:17:11 by Anonymous
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