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Barn Runner Xmas 2: Wreck The Halls

by Ponch

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File size: 4.5 MB
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Release Date:
13 Dec 2007
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Short game (can be completed within 30 minutes)
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MAGS game Monthly AGS competition entry
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Demo Unfinished games / commercial games
Training game Games made just to try out AGS
Newly added games Not yet categorised
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Content advisory:
Suggestive dialog
Occasional, mild

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About this game

The laziest detective of a retro-futuristic world of tomorrow's apocalypse returns for more holiday hijinks!
When a mysterious figure from his past returns to make his life an unbearable hell of being well liked by his co-workers and facing possible promotions, Prick Peckard, Barn Runner, must seek out the man he once declared legally dead and make him even more deader!

Barn Runner Xmas 2: Wreck The Halls is a short game that will let you (as Detective Prick Peckard, head of the Robot Crimes Division) travel into the festive (yet non-existent) winter wonderland of the Blue Grass Containment Zone to follow a mysterious signal that may or may not have been set by the very man, ten years missing now, whose job you now hold, in an overly elaborate and wildly implausible scheme to trap you in a vile plot so evil that even a run-on sentence like this cannot hope to describe it!

CLICK to download the game and experience the Christmas Spirit in a way you never have before (or will ever want to again)!
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4 people commented on this game (newest first):

Ah, the Barn Runner series... wonderful writing, a surprisingly solid and complex gameworld, and enough wit to last you a lifetime! Especially with all the optional actions which have no purpose but to bring a smile to your face.

Like all Barn Runner games, this one sports good humour, interesting characters (even if they *are* defined in broad strokes, but it fits the game), puzzles that'll make you think (yupiie!), and the sense that you're really in Prick Peckard's world - and what more could you ask from an adventure game?
2008-01-14 00:47:50 by Rui "Trovatore" Pires (redruM)
lots of attention to detail. Obviously, you put a lot of work in it
2007-12-18 18:14:08 by Tinkerer (tinkerer)
Great game, I really liked it. A bit of a shame I couldn't complete it - arcade stile shooting things aren't my skills.
Otherwise really good!
Thank you & Merry Christmas.
2007-12-14 00:36:46 by TassieDevil
An excellent game! A little heavy on the dialogue but it was so well written I didn't care :)

The only thing I could pick on was the shooting bit, felt a little bit odd, but that would be nit-picking of the highest order.

A great game, can't wait for the next one now :D
2007-12-13 15:07:46 by Stevetheblack (stevetheblack)
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