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The Devil's Shroud
Someone has kindly put this game on
I hope to review it later.
2017-09-23 10:24:18, dav

Camp 1
This game was fabulous! good plot, really built up to a crescendo! worth the time. couple of puzzles required hunting on screen and being sure the character "discovered" text first. only slightly annoying. walkthrough helps clear the cobwebs.
2017-09-22 18:49:29, dav

Hang On
Had fun playing this, well written, charming and looks great. I feel like some atmospheric background noise or music would make it feel truly complete. Good stuff!
2017-09-22 16:42:47, Josh Keeling

Julius Dangerous 2 [ITA]
I would like to translate the game into English
2017-09-21 15:08:12, dav

Gateway Remake
Great game. Thanks for converting it ! Some puzzles are really hard to solve and you may need a walkthrough.
2017-09-18 04:56:49, lanchong

This is just a beautilfully written and finely crafted game. There are many free games on here, but if you feel like going the extra mile, a few quid will not leave you disappointed at all.
2017-09-17 16:05:12, Andy

Power Nap
Sweet graphic and nice concept. I had fun time. As CaptainD said maybe the music could be a little noisy.
2017-09-17 10:05:00, SidneySacchi

10 Ways From Sunday
This game has the interesting mission for the player and Deborah to break all 10 commandment in only one adventure game to get god's attention to find recently passed Timothy again. The graphic of the free game are not perfect but have their own charming style and some funny musical touches (the organ player!) lift up the mood. The puzzles are easy or trial and error somehow but overall the story and idea and the cool end make 10 Ways From Sunday a fun adventure gaming experience.

I longplayed 10 Ways from Sunday here:
2017-09-14 11:17:36, selmiak

Another unique idea by Mandle, who is not afraid to go one step beyond. I'm sure that if Mandle had longer time he would have made improvements and added additional features, but alas time ran out as it so often does. Great idea of the theme..
2017-09-14 10:24:39, Slasher

10 Ways From Sunday
Satan speaking: Although this game lacked in a few areas I found a certain charm to it. The game play was good and I like the voices. Graphics were so-so but passable and the puzzles well presented. Overall I enjoyed this game which HanaIndiana managed to complete in the said time. Great theme.
2017-09-14 10:21:28, Slasher

Hang On
Hang On is no old Motocycle racing game but a nice and short adventure game with a fun story about a kleptomaniac yeti sabotaging a cable car just when one of the two playable characters happens to be in the cable car.
The puzzles are fun to solve and every riddle has some explanation to it to get you on track for it. If only the game had a soundtrack or some ambient sounds.

I made a longplay of Hang On, you can find it here:
2017-09-14 09:17:11, selmiak

Power Nap
A short game that's very fun and the music will probably make your ears bleed. It made me chuckle a few times and the puzzles were quite clever. Play it if you have a few spare minutes! (You might want to press M to turn off the music though...)
2017-09-13 23:46:14, CaptainD

the Elevator
The game is very short but nicely executed. I like the visual depiction of the dialogs.
2017-09-08 13:02:19, Creamy

10 Ways From Sunday
At first, I was reminded of Four Last Things. Yet the game is entertaining on its own.
The dubbing is a nice touch.
2017-09-08 12:55:53, Creamy

Noah's Quest
I enjoyed the interactions Noah had with the people the most. It brought more of the story to life, then what you typically hear in Sunday school. The puzzles were nicely balanced, and the sound effects and music were well chosen.
2017-09-05 23:58:55, HanaIndiana

It took me a bit to figure out how to play. Eventually I did. It's a clever puzzle game, and I really enjoy the look and sound of it as well.
2017-09-05 23:50:36, HanaIndiana

10 Ways From Sunday
I like how this game takes an idea from the bible and turns it on its head. The puzzles work nicely, even if some of them could be a bit more challenging, but it is a very ambitious game. The voice work also adds an extra layer. A very entertaining little game.
2017-09-04 14:07:33, Riaise

The basic principle of this game is very simple, but it is actually quite challenging at times. The interface is good, and it is clear what information you are being given. A great logic puzzle that stays fun each time you play.
2017-09-04 14:03:39, Riaise

Noah's Quest
Lovely idea to have to collect the animals for the ark. The sombre mood fits the game perfectly. The market stalls are also a nice little touch and add just enough to make the game challenging, but not frustrating.
2017-09-04 14:00:26, Riaise

Gateway Remake
Honestly looks like one of the best adventure games ever. The point& click UI is great (some fixed verbs and some dynamic verbs depending on the object you are pointing at). The setting is incredibly immersive. The story has a lot of depth. I'm sure the puzzles will be good.
2017-09-04 12:31:11, seguso

Noah's Quest
Now this was great. It made me feel like I was playing a Bible epic. This has to be one of the most deeply solemn/melancholy Slasher games I think I've played. I got a good sense, from the outset, of how hard it was for Noah to leave behind his entire world for the ark. Well done on a departure from your usual comedy style, Slasher.
2017-09-04 12:27:11, Gurok

Very impressive work getting Da Vinci to help with the art. The interface is also very well done. This is a game that might require some pen+paper work to solve, but it also very rewarding.
2017-09-04 12:25:05, Gurok

10 Ways From Sunday
This game was very charming to me. I think the soundtrack and voice work contributed a lot to that, but it also had some very cute graphics in a consistent style. The writing was a great combination of a matter-of-fact tone with occasional comedy that didn't seem overdone.
2017-09-04 12:23:38, Gurok

10 Ways From Sunday
Nice fun game. Very impressive for a MAGS game.
2017-09-04 04:12:42, lanchong

Conspiracy of Songo
I played this game once 10 years ago, and I must say it has been a pleasure to play this game again! So much thought has been put into the storyline, there are so many different places to explore, and the puzzles are right on par.

The main drawback is the dialogue. It is sort of a broken English. Graphics aren't brilliant, but I find them bright and pleasing on the eye.

Overall, this has been nominated for three awards for a reason, well worth checking out!
2017-09-03 21:14:30, Andy

Earthling Priorities
My longplay here:
2017-09-03 18:40:51, CaptainD

Connect 4 v.2.1
Also a dead download link
2017-09-03 10:44:59, Andy

10 Ways From Sunday
For what the game lacks in visual beauty, it makes up for in a beastly storyline. Throw in some voice-overs and some organ music, and you have yourself here a fun lil game.
2017-09-02 23:58:04, Andy

"I think I've turned into a psychopath nutcase" sums it up quite well ^^
2017-08-31 23:32:30, Creamy

Silent Knight: Chapter 2 - The Conscience of the King
Dead link here!

At, I found this download link:

2017-08-30 17:28:46, Rubber Ducky

Silent Knight - Chapter 1 : The Mediocre Escape
Dead link here!

At,I found this download link:

2017-08-30 17:26:15, Rubber Ducky

Mind's Eye
Dead link here!

At, I found this download link:

(Also, the indicated file-size above of 1.6 MB is incorrect: it's ~12.5 MB.)

2017-08-30 17:21:49, Rubber Ducky

Gateway Remake
It was fun to participate in this project and to work with all that Heechee Metal. It is a special type of Metal and I hope that not only games will be made out of it but maybe also bikes, mobiles, cars, thooth brushes and probably airplanes and space ships. But before mankind develops such things you should play Gateway!
2017-08-22 09:10:21, Arcangelo Bonaparte

Very fun game, congratulations ! :)
2017-08-20 11:21:45, Marion

Terror of the Vampire!
Terror of the Vampire impresses with a well thought out story, fleshed out and interesting characters (the cook is the best!) and beautiful pixelart. And on top of that are some awesome graphics effects that are all done by manipulating pixels by code and not prerendered effects from whatever graphics manipulation program you have, all done by code. Sometimes our hero, Dr. Ego Goodmind is a bit too wordy in his character and the beginning of the game seems a bit aimless, but that's exactly how Dr. Ego Goodmind feels at this point while the story slowly build up. The actionpacked soundtrack reminds of the good old SNES aera games (just like the pixel effects do!) and the puzzles are varied and enganging! A small masterpiece in Adventure game development with quite some playtime, done in only one month, WOW!
Also the download of the game features concept art, character sketches, a cover poster (or poster cover) and some! What do you want more????

Also a Longplay of Terror of the Vampire can be found here (5+ parts over ~1 hour !!!)



Part 6 is just the end credits with more awesome character art and sparkling graphics effects :)
2017-08-20 08:51:55, selmiak

Don't Worry, I'll Bring The Beer!
A short and lovely game in really low resolution (64 x 64 pixels!) about a guy getting beer for a party. What better aims in life could there be?
The pumping soundtrack and the detailed, yet small pixel graphics motivate to play through the game in one go. It is only ~5 minutes long and the puzzles are on the easy side, so if you have 5 minutes play the game now!

also find a longplay of the game here:
2017-08-20 08:19:18, selmiak

Gateway Remake
I just finished this game and it was amazing. I'm so happy I got to experience this incredible adventure in point-and-click form. Thank you for making this.
2017-08-20 06:47:05, Penny

Don't Worry, I'll Bring The Beer!

Sweet and absurd. It put a smile on my face throughout its short duration.

Nice graphics and animations despite the low resolution.
2017-08-19 11:57:00, Creamy

Earthling Priorities
2 funny characters in a dystopian world. The behaviour of the main character is interesting. The puzzles not so much.
2017-08-19 11:43:11, Creamy

Earthling Priorities
In this very short game you persuade an automatic door gone haywire to let you pass and beat striking workers in front of a factory. The soundtrack is nice, the graphics are not bad either and some jokes and funny replies to useless game actions make it an enjoyable game some unlogic or weird puzzles don't distract all that much.

See a longplay of the game here:
2017-08-18 08:14:40, selmiak

Earthling Priorities
Interesting puzzles and very offbeat atmosphere, certainly worth the 10 minutes of your time it will take you to complete!
2017-08-17 11:38:53, CaptainD

Earthling Priorities
This is a pretty fun short sci-fi game.
2017-08-12 18:17:39, Michael2968

Gateway Remake
Version 1.1 has is now available. It has new gui graphics by Arcangelo Bonaparte and some bugfixes, including the one that was reported where you can get more points than the maximum of 1500.
2017-08-02 20:40:03, HandsFree

Toffee Trouble in Creamville
Cute and original, a tasty little story with some fun puzzles to solve. Beautifully created, the kids loved it!
2017-08-02 12:11:55, Smarty

A Sloth for Both Seasons
Beautiful graphics, great sounds, awesome story-line and fun.
Very nicely done, the kids and I really enjoyed this one!
Short but oh so sweet!
2017-08-02 12:07:00, Smarty

That Day
This is a short demo, which shows a lot of promise for a full version. The graphics are very nice and the story seems to be heading in an interesting direction.
2017-08-01 20:25:43, Riaise

Heavy Metal Nannulf: The Strange Stage
This is a cute little game with its own style. I quite like the blocky colours, although a few more details would help to add interest to open spaces, like the hallway. The puzzles are quite simple, but I like that there is a story and that it all makes sense. Well done!
2017-08-01 20:21:19, Riaise

Dysmaton (Formerly "Forgotten City") Demo Version
It looks great but feels incomplete gameplay and story-wise. I love what I saw though. It's a glimpse of something bigger and truly fascinating.
2017-08-01 09:36:52, Creamy

Duty and Beyond
This should be the best AGS game ever! If you allow 5 minutes to get used to the low-res graphics. Highly recommended!
2017-07-31 19:29:14, grendel

Hang On
Hang On is easy on the eye and on the player. The simple yet charming style fits the game quite well - it reminds me of a bedtime story. Definitely a game I could play with my nephews.
2017-07-31 11:23:13, Creamy

Rosaura Docelestial: Rescue from Despair
A simple game full of good intentions. I wish the angel could have really helped the boy solve his problems. Consoling him was a start.
2017-07-31 11:21:30, Creamy

Terror of the Vampire!
Kickass graphics and animations, excellent dialogs (if sometimes long), good puzzles and catchy soundtrack - the game has it all! Every character has a distinctive personality and I liked their evolution. Well done Scavenger, Eggie and EHCB.
2017-07-31 11:16:31, Creamy

The Robolovers
Tycho's colours and lights are a delight for the eye. The mini-games are fun and the story flows nicely. However, replacing people with machines seems to me a convenient way to deny them humanity when necessary. Would you fry an actual person?
2017-07-31 11:13:55, Creamy

Bury Me in the Sand
A very good vibe with this one. The puzzles are simple but the ambiance is spot on. Amazing what a good artist can do with few pixels and colors. I can't wait to play Fish Life.
2017-07-31 11:10:49, Creamy

Guardians of Gold
Quote from Shadow1000 (Completed game forum)....

I finished the game a few days ago. My comments are similar to Mandle.

Here's my overview:

First, I really enjoyed the game. The plot, while not ground-breaking, is definitely exciting enough to justify the length.

Second, the graphics are absolutely beautiful. Graphics good enough to really push the enjoyability of the game to the next level.

As far as the puzzles, Mandle said it right: there are LOADS of puzzles in this game. And the range of puzzles go from the traditional to some really clever ones, with lots of "close-up" puzzles, dialogue puzzles, inventory puzzles, math puzzles, word puzzles, pattern matching and the list goes on and on. And I happened to have found them all to be just a lot of fun. Very few were difficult or frustrating so you really feel that you're moving along in the game (this leads back into the pacing of the plot with the progress of the game). I like the way Mandle refers to them as "casual puzzles". Unlike Mandle, I did need to use some of the in game hints and I needed the walkthrough a few times. I've told amanta4ray which puzzles required the walkthrough and I think that the reasons were more technical (such as not being able to see certain colours, or something that went by the screen too fast) rather than weakness in the puzzles themselves. I think that this range and balance in puzzles really opens up the fun of the game to a very wide spectrum of players.

My only suggestion is that a bit more beta testing would have ironed out some of the bugs that people experienced, as well as some typos and grammar and the game would have been that much more polished.

But overall, the experience was just such a delight that I strongly recommend the game to anyone looking for a longer immersive play.

Looking forward to the next adventure!
2017-07-30 15:04:57, amanta4ray

Guardians of Gold
Quote from Mandle (Completed game forum)...

Just finished the game, and it was so much fun!

It took me about 4 hours total I guess, which was a bit shorter than I expected. Are there really 150 rooms? Does that count every puzzle screen as a room?

Loved all the casual puzzles and felt excited every time I came upon one. A great balance of stuff with something everyone will enjoy! And also probably have to resort to pen and paper now and then, but that's old-school and awesome in itself.

I managed to get through the game without using any ingame hints or external walkthroughs. A few of the word puzzles were challenging, but by taking logical steps they were all solvable without hints for me.

Loved the seperate character quests. It felt good to meet up again after each was done. Felt like a real accomplishment.

Can't wait for your next game, and will be playing the one before this in the meanwhile (sorry, forgot the name: Troubles In Paradise or something like that)

Thanks for so much fun once again!
2017-07-30 15:03:50, amanta4ray

Confessions Of A Cat Burglar
The game feels a little rough around the edges, but the puzzles are good difficulty, and that is ultimately what makes the game worthwhile.
2017-07-29 13:07:30, Andy

Concurrence [MAGS]
Absolutely loved this game! The jumps take a little while to get the hang of, but I soon found myself bounding around like a pro. There are some stunning visuals, and as I'm sure you read by now, this is very similar to Flashback, Another World.

Known bug: If you get to a scene with a sliding door, you will only have one chance to get through it. (I found this out in the forum and had to restart the game)
2017-07-29 12:08:50, Andy

Comrade Citizen Part 1
I enjoyed the narrative to this story. I could very happily play on if there were more parts to play. It is what it is though, a training game. There is not much to see or do.
2017-07-29 11:19:28, Andy

I got a message that my version of Windows is not compatible with this game
2017-07-29 11:06:56, Andy

This was a pretty fun little game that I think most people would have fun playing.
2017-07-28 18:28:56, Michael2968

Cirque De Zale
very fun game! All based on a Lucas interface. Conversations so well made, feels like original Lucas while graphics are no match for 1989 Lucas. Which for me is not important. Puzzles are very reasonable and fun to solve. The story is very fine and in fact could allow a longer game. Recommended!

2017-07-28 16:58:51, grendel

Bury Me in the Sand
An enjoyable game that is all set up to deliver a crunch in the storyline. I hope we will see more of this one.
2017-07-27 15:47:58, Andy

Bustin' the Bastille
My French history is lacking, but I found a good MAGS game to enjoy playing.
2017-07-27 14:37:58, Andy

A Date in the Park
Wooo Lisbon Portugal? I need to download this, since I live there haha :p
2017-07-19 01:19:42, Gendgi

Got a Light?
very weird.
I got a little bit far in the game, but it's getting harder and harder, and however I scored 0.
I think I was half way on the telegraph level or something, when finally I was beheadded.
or something.
nice graphics and good weird soundtrack.
2017-07-18 21:00:19, deltree

Heavy Metal Nannulf: The Strange Stage
well I just played and finished the game.
graphics are very basics, I mean the corridor would need to make a few extra graphic because you spend many time walking on it from doors to doors.
also, the story about the toy forgotten on the stage, and the singer bullied about that in the did you find that story ??

2017-07-18 20:47:23, deltree

Hang On
Good job!
2017-07-18 18:30:49, Atavismus

Terror of the Vampire!
wow just wow, amazing graphics, great animation and great story, congrats to the creators, and thank you for the effort put the game together.
2017-07-18 01:33:25, Gendgi

Can't believe no-one has commented on this gem yet! Lovely mix of literature and adventure gaming. Some of the puzzles that relied on carrying an object from one "book" to another were a little frustrating, but overall good puzzles and aesthetically pleasing.
2017-07-17 14:28:32, CaptainD

Dysmaton (Formerly "Forgotten City") Demo Version
I really enjoyed playing this demo. I am really looking forward to the full game.
2017-07-16 18:46:08, Michael2968

Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 2 - Commotion
This is a pretty fun but short game. I would love to have seen the continuation of the game from what was mentioned at the end of this game.
2017-07-16 17:23:43, Michael2968

The Robolovers
A really good and enjoyable game for a MAG's entry...

Download and play now...

What else need I say?


2017-07-16 12:41:29, Slasher

Sniper and spotter serving the motherland
There is one major flaw with this game and that is:
it's just way too short... :~(

Otherwise, it's perfect in all aspects!
2017-07-14 22:00:56, Cassiebsg

46 Memory Lane
Loved it! Great game you guys managed to do here, you got me on my toes wanting to solved the "mystery" and the puzzles are nice and enjoyable, not too hard, not too easy to figure out.

Like others, I don't think the save function should be a puzzle, and on occasions the fact that I couldn't just save when I needed too was annoying. Plus, the randomness of the room added to the feeling. Is there a reason you removed the angel from the street? That would have been okay if it was there all the time, since at least one knew where it was.
2017-07-14 21:58:09, Cassiebsg

Rosaura Docelestial: Rescue from Despair
Lovely game! (nod) Very sweet story, clear goals and nice with a variety of locations. The music was also very fitting. Puzzles were simple and not too hard, which balanced just fine with the overall of the game.
I do fell you could have spent some of the extra time polishing the art, as the main character deserved a proper walk-cycle, IMHO.
Still, it was refreshing playing this leaving one with a sense of having done a good dead.
2017-07-14 21:55:17, Cassiebsg

Hang On
Again, a second lovely light hearted game from you, lovely pixel art, nice story and very clear goals with not too hard puzzles. Well done!
2017-07-14 21:53:54, Cassiebsg

The Rotary Club (MAGS June 2017)
Again, Mandle pushes the engine beyond it's intention, and creates a cool game... for the the wrong audience. (laugh)
I'll be sure to try the game again, if certain things are fixed and we get an hard/easy mode... like many the lack of checkpoint and perma-death is an off for me. It's the reason I never actually played many action games, as starting all over was too much for me.
I did managed to fly the Helli nice and stable and rescue a couple people.

Still, a very nice game for the right audience. ;)
2017-07-14 21:50:51, Cassiebsg

The Robolovers
Awesome art, just top! Great little story, this game felt very polished and complete to me. Loved the puzzles, there were just a few hotspots/reactions missing. I wasn't a fan of the two occasions where the 4th wall was broken.
PS. Loved the credits! (nod) And I'm so glad I read them all, lol. Thanks.
2017-07-14 21:46:49, Cassiebsg

Terror of the Vampire!
Awesome, just awesome! Lovely art, lovely story, great puzzles and interesting game play and effects. (nod)
For me this game suffered of a lack of reactions/reply from hotspots, as I wanted to leave and couldn't understand why it just wouldn't leave. Also had some problem getting Ego into the kitchen as I clicked he would walk there, but then didn't exit to the kitchen.
I ended up doing stuff without knowing why I was doing them, and I never did get my supper! But was nice to be able to do the stuff "out of order"...
2017-07-14 21:45:14, Cassiebsg

Bustin' the Bastille
Awesome game set in an historical time, loved it. :-D
I too suffered a bit from the lack of reactions, and was stuck for a while running back and forth wondering how to get that blasted white flag... I'm not sure what triggered the dialog, as I was sure I had looked and tried to pickup the flag before... ???
And then when I thought it was over, the cannon balls inside were a blast and the puzzles inside the Bastille fun and well balanced... (nod) Loved the end! And I'm wondering if it was possible to fail there...
2017-07-14 21:43:53, Cassiebsg

Bury Me in the Sand
Lovely game, loved the art, good job! (nod)
Was a nice walk in the beach, and I'm just sorry that we didn't really get to the "rescue" part. :~(
Puzzles were nice, but not overly complicated.
2017-07-14 21:42:46, Cassiebsg

Dysmaton (Formerly "Forgotten City") Demo Version
Awesome art, setting and game play, great work, even for a short game promises a lot. And I was glad to see I didn't instantly died when letting the robot see me. (nod)
Voice acting top notch.
Very well done... I'm just wondering where the "rescue" part of the game was? (roll)
2017-07-14 21:41:40, Cassiebsg

Exceptional! Fun and intriguing! And exceptionally short. Looking forward to a full length game!
2017-07-14 16:13:11, grendel

Dinner for Pigeons
very fun! hard though and so short. may be a great fun adventure added more screens and a story
2017-07-14 16:09:11, grendel

The end was predictable from the beginning but I loved it anyway!
2017-07-14 15:50:11, KONEY

A G-G-Ghost!
Pretty fun a part from some small interface issues, but was super entertaining! :D

2017-07-13 22:41:05, Gendgi

Too Short but great game :) love the sense of humor and atmosphere
2017-07-13 15:03:33, Gendgi

A punk with wheels
A fun short adventure, it should have had music and sound but overall was fun :)
2017-07-13 13:57:20, Gendgi

Apprentice II: The Knight's Move
excellent series. I like the 2nd game more. highly recommended! download the deluxe version

2017-07-13 13:37:08, grendel

The Rotary Club (MAGS June 2017)
This game has some of an arcade feel to it in terms of gameplay and pacing. The controls were a bit hard to understand at first, but fun to play with once I got the hang of it.
2017-07-12 14:35:49, Blondbraid

The Robolovers
Now I must admit that I didn't really like the story and characters of the game, but the artwork, music and puzzles all are top-notch.
2017-07-12 14:32:59, Blondbraid

Hang On
A charming game with lovely pixel-art and good puzzles.
2017-07-12 14:29:26, Blondbraid

Rosaura Docelestial: Rescue from Despair
While there is definitively room for improvement, this game is pretty good for a first-time project, and the story is very sweet and charming!
2017-07-12 14:28:05, Blondbraid

Terror of the Vampire!
This game has truly fantastic story and atmosphere, and lots of heart to it, and despite being a humorous game with some very funny dialogues, the ending felt surprisingly touching and thought-provoking.
2017-07-12 14:21:32, Blondbraid

Dysmaton (Formerly "Forgotten City") Demo Version
This demo has fantastic visuals and atmosphere, but it's just a small taste of what's to come. Still, Silverspook paints a well written and visualized world with a promising protagonist.
2017-07-12 14:16:28, Blondbraid

Bury Me in the Sand
It's a beautiful and colorful little game in every sense of the word, my only real complaint being that you can accidentally get stuck in a dead end.
2017-07-12 14:10:52, Blondbraid

Dysmaton (Formerly "Forgotten City") Demo Version
Although this was just a small taster for a larger project, this has got everything: badass music, great art & animation, decent voice acting, a couple of nice puzzles and heaps of cool. If I was ever on the fence about buying Neofeud, this has pushed me off of it (into the yes garden).
2017-07-12 05:03:38, Stupot+

Bustin' the Bastille
Lovely art and great storytelling. And with the music I really felt like I was in Revolution era France and badly wanted to explore around the streets more. The ending is funny and the puzzles are mostly satisfying, if a little rough around the edges. Good game, just needs a little polish.
2017-07-12 04:33:49, Stupot+

Dysmaton (Formerly "Forgotten City") Demo Version
Extremely impressed with this entry, although it was quite short. The time gone into its graphics and general presentation amaze me. I love the attention to details on the various animation sequences, the backdrops where awe inspiring.
Just the whole atmosphere was spot one and that surreal/grungy sound track playing in the background really added a cherry on top.
I love how you explored a variety of interesting mechanics from body parts system up to infra red viewing mode.
I was surprised to see most of it was voice acted too, however I thought one of the characters accent/culture of language was a bit over done in a stereotypical way
All in all a fine experience set in a believable world and if this demo is anything to go on I will most surely give the full game a solid play through. I just wish has been a bit of a longer experience.

And really amazing work getting this to such a state in so little time. Well done
2017-07-10 17:15:24, Tycho Magnetic Anomaly

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