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Got free images up for grabs
« on: 02 Feb 2007, 20:12 »
OK all, I've some images up for grabs for anyone interested in using them. For all I care you make desktop BGs of them, but here's the site where I posted them:


I was going to make a game but never got beyond this stage for a variety of reasons.

I made them in a style similar to DOTT 'cause that was easiest for me. I hope you guys like them and can make something good (ie a good game!) with them. I was going to make a game about a dead pirate needing/wanting a new body. working title: LeChuck (Captain Deadbeard) Island: Body Quest | The spirit's flesh

A Spirit's Quest: Finding the Flesh
I could waste a lot of time to tell you what story I had in mind (it was quite fleshed out,( to use an inappropriate pun given this game's storyline), but look at the pics instead (their the reason behind this post) I'm quite proud of them.

Feel free to use them yourself for a game or whatever..
sadly (hence the thread icon)  I won't be using them anymore, but I reserve the right to have a sudden flash of inspiration / time on my hands/ AGS-capabilities, but for now they're free to use for anyone with more of the mentioned items than I have.

OK I modded the links (removed space in the names), now the downloads should work. and the imgs should load on the page.
Sorry for any inconvenience!

OK I added one more (beach background with trees), that's the one I had in mind while writing these chunks of unashamed praise for my own work. I also have one bmp with a rocky hill on the background, a stretch of mountain almost running until into the sea, with just a small stretch of beach to keep it's foundations dry.
 I don't think that that part is stilli included in th XCF-file, so I'll leave that upto your own imaginations.

Best of luck with these files!
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