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PLUGIN: PlayVideo Proxy plugin v
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My first AGS plugin!!!

 I got the idea for developing this plugin while playing Adventure - The Inside Job, as the video file in that game contains a spoiler to the game's ending, and the game author has no option other than suggesting players not to view the file before playing the game.

 This plugin will modify the video files used in your game so that they cannot be played back in a media player. This feature is useful when the videos contain spoilers and hints to puzzles and viewing them beforehand will spoil the gameplay experience.

AGS Version:
 Tested on AGS versions 2.72 and 3.1.2 SP1. Not tested on older versions of AGS.

 Supported formats: AVI, WMV, Ogg Theora video files having extension other than .OGV.
 Note: AGS has built-in support for Ogg Theora video files, see the manual for more info.

 Download includes the plugin, documentation and a runtime-only version, with the AGS editor related functionality removed. Source code is also available (as a Visual C++ 2008 solution).

 If you encounter any bugs, please let me know. If possible, I will try to fix them.
 UPDATE: 17 Sep 2010: New version with PlayFlic support added.

Download Here
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