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As some of you might have already noticed, I've finaly decided to upload my game "Shifter"
It's a short adventure game that I made as a graduation project a while back.

Impersonate the townsfolk to get things done in this game, but first you have to learn everything about them...

Shifter is an escape the town point and click adventure with a twist!

It's on the ags site, so download Shifter here!
Don't forget to rate because I'm extremely curious to find out what you think!

The beautiful background in this game was created by Jermilex, check out his work at http://www.jermilex.com
The rest of the game was made by me!


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Re: Shifter
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Ooh, sounds interesting.
Will have to try and find some time to play!
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Re: Shifter
« Reply #2 on: 13 Jun 2012, 19:03 »
I played the game and completed it.

Very delightful short game. Beautiful graphics (no animation) and cute puzzles. I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for the game!


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That really made my day.  Congrats on graduation!

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Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D
I'm actually toying with the idea of making a sequel, one that will be a lot lengthier and is more polished in terms of animation and sounds effects. The original game was made in such a short time that it was impossible to add :<

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A nice game with fresh ideas and good puzzles! Well done.


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Re: Shifter
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This is Pick of the Month and mentioned on the BlueCupTools Podcast! Hooray!

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, what a clever idea! Being able to learn about the other characters besides just talking to them was a nice touch with a lot of room for ideas. I got into a few situations where characters saw me as me rather than the character I was copying but overall it was really well put together. I loved the character portraits and talking animations, though it would've been nice to have a little music.

I definitely think this has the potential to be implemented as a larger game, you could have a lot of fun with that :smiley:
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Re: Shifter
« Reply #7 on: 13 Sep 2012, 13:51 »
Just played this game and really liked it. I think the mechanics are brilliant, the concept of being able to copy someone after knowing them well enough is great, and I liked the idea of changing between night and day instead of just walking around areas (and also as a way of seeing people's other sides). There's a real smartness in the mechanics that's so subtle it's easy to miss.

I would say though that I didn't like the music at all, it was so soft and sleepy that the game felt like a picture book. Something a bit edgier would have helped the atmosphere a lot more. Also the artwork was nice but again a bit soft (but that's just personal taste). I think the writing was good enough though.

Anyway, I really hope you make a longer, more ambitious sequel (or just alternative story) with these mechanics, cause I reckon they have so much potential, and it seems to me like you got talent enough to do something great with them.


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Re: Shifter
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I also just played the game and it took me around 20 minutes to finish. So it must've been easy, since I'm not exactly good at adventure games and get a bit bored reading the dialogues some times! ;D In this time this didn't happen!

Cool ideas and the idea of day\night was also very nice touch.

Well done overall, and a sequel could work quite well.