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I'm free (Soy libre)
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I'm free is a new adventure game by Akkad Estudios.

This is the first game of a sciencie-fiction series called Tales from other Universes.
In this adventure, you're Aldoux, a slave who's traveling to his new job in a quarry of an unknow planet. The ship crash and Aldoux appears in a planet with a strange note that he can't read because the slaves can't read in a future ruled by a small group of powerful people. They control all the Universe and the people must serve them. Aldoux must find the way to know what says the note and the meaning of it in a very surprising quest.


- A very surprising plot!
- About 15 playable rooms.
- Some enjoyable puzzles.
- Really a very enjoyable adventure!
- Available in English and Spanish.
- Voice acting... but only available in Spanish version.


TRAILER (in Spanish):

[ Invalid YouTube link ]

Manel Fernández (Nergal) - plot, puzzles, graphics, music, animations and design.
Beta-testers: Alejandro Fandiño (Reminder) and Julio Pozo (cireja).
Spanish dubbing: Estudios G3S (Luisma Albarracín, Joseba Cordón, Joseph Rubira and Marc Flores).



I hope you like it!

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Downloaded!  When I've got the demo of my own game released I'll definitely take a look at this one.  Can't have too many science fiction adventure games!  (laugh)

I'll see how my Spanish is these days... can you play with Spanish speech and English subtitles?

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Thank you for playing the game. I hope you like it!

The English subtitles with Spanish speech are not available because I made two different versions of the game depending on the language. I'm sorry about that.

The plot of the second chapter of TFOU is writed but we're working in other project at this moment.

Thanks for all!