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Started by cat, Sun 01/01/2017 09:39:47

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Thanks Cassiebsg & cat for the warm welcome to the forums! Oh, I missed the boat to alter just a couple of votes but did play/experience all of the games within the categories I voted in so don't feel so bad & hopefully those couple of votes won't affect the results significantly! :embarrassed:


Just a heads up to those asking where to download the client. I'm still putting the final touches on it, but it should be ready for download a couple of hours before the start of the ceremony (so, in about three hours).


We are now warming up for the ceremony in #ags on

Join us for a trivia quiz and small talk!


The awards client is now ready for download! Check out the first post (which also features a small tutorial), or get it directly here.

Update: New version 2.1 to fix random laughter bug!


Download the client and join us!

Some instructions on how to use it:

You can also use a couple of special commands by typing them into the chat line:
/cinema - hide the UI (and bring it back: you'll have to type it blind since the input box is invisible)
/help - IRC tips

You can also connect for a text-only experience over IRC:

Channel: #awards (you should also join #ags)
If you don't have an IRC client, you can use this web client.

The awards channel will be moderated, i.e. it is muted while presentations go on.
Join #AGS with any irc client to chat with other people during the ceremony



Thanks to all for the awesome ceremony! So much fun! And congratz to all the winners!


And it is done!

Thanks to cat for hosting: I know you were a bit nervous, but you did a great job!

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who attended for making it a fun night. At one point we had more than 50 clients connected by my count. Some people were connected with two clients, so not quite as many people were online, but it was a well-attended evening by AGS Awards Ceremony standards â€" I was actually ever so slightly worried that some array somewhere was going to overflow and we'd have a mass crash. Fortunately, it seemed to go off pretty smoothly.

I also want to say that although the winners in every category were certainly very deserving, there were some categories where I was sure another game was a lock, because it was just so outstandingly good (I can't comment on gameplay or writing, but just in terms of presentation): there were just too many great AGS games last year, I guess! So I hope the runners-up aren't disappointed. Your game is great!


It's over! Thanks to everyone who voted for Toffee!

I'll do a proper write-up tomorrow, but now I just want to party and then drop into bed :)


Thank you, cat and Snarky, and everyone else involved, for a brilliant and fun night! Big congratulations to all the winners. It was nice to see the awards were spread out over several games rather than one scooping the lot. All the awards were very well deserved.

Now let's all get busy making and finishing next year's crop!


I have some bad news about the AGS Awards recording.

I'm having computer problems at the moment. I had the entire thing recorded and encoded on my brand new machine (built it last week), but as I was uploading it blue screened and since then, I haven't been able to power it on. Now, normally I'd just plug the drive into a different machine, but this one has a weird interface (U.2). There might be a bit of a delay in getting the recording uploaded (sorry).



Man, I hope it's not lost completely! Sorry to hear about your computer troubles, Gurok. Did anyone take any screenshots of the ceremony? I wanted to get a picture, but I forgot about it...

For those who missed the ceremony, I'm sure cat will publish the announcements here and on the Wiki soon, but what you can do in the mean time is launch the client and have a look at the in-game program, which should still list the winner of each award.


Quote from: Gurok on Sun 12/03/2017 08:46:49
I'm having computer problems at the moment. I had the entire thing recorded and encoded on my brand new machine (built it last week)

Now I might not know much about how computers work, but I know enough to ask this first troubleshooting question:

Did you build it out of computer parts?


Thanks to everybody for a cool awards show. Was a bit surprised at my wins considering the competition - as I said in the ceremony, other nominees are people whose work really inspired me and made me think "If only I could draw like this". Still very humbled and grateful to be nominated alongside them. :smiley:

Lovely to see many deserving people being recognized, both in nominations and awards. Especially glad to see Crimson Wizard being recognized for the amount of effort he's put in. AGS people are awesome.


A good night's sleep and a Sunday breakfast did the trick, I'm awake again :)

It was a great event, thanks to everyone who showed up, presented and partied! Like paolo, I think it's great that many different games got an award. Kudos to everyone who voted, for thoroughly evaluating each game's strengths and reflecting this in the votes.
I'm also happy that for each game award the author was attending the ceremony and giving speeches when accepting the awards. Spread the ❤️️ guys!

Congratulations to all winners and especially JSH for winning Best Game!

Thanks again to Snarky and everyone who helped with the awards. Even though you might not notice, there is a lot of work to do to run the awards with lots of people involved. Thanks!

Thanks Mandle for waking up Stupot and saving the MAGGIES (laugh)

Gurok, I hope the recording is not lost 8-0

Here are the results, the wiki will be updated within the next days:

Best Game Created with AGS
Kathy Rain by Clifftop Games

Best Freeware Game Created with AGS
Toffee Trouble in Creamville by Miez and cat

Best Writing
Shardlight by Wadjet Eye Games

Best Puzzles
Kathy Rain by Clifftop Games

Best Character
Kathy Rain (Kathy Rain)

Best Short Game
Toffee Trouble in Creamville by Miez and cat

Best Demo
The Journey of Iesir Demo by Dream Cauldron

Best Non Adventure Game Created with AGS
Until I Have You by Dualnames

Best Gameplay
Until I Have You by Dualnames

Best Background Art
Shardlight by Wadjet Eye Games

Best Character Art
Kathy Rain by Clifftop Games

Best Animation
Shardlight by Wadjet Eye Games

Best Programming
Until I Have You by Dualnames

Best Music and Sound
Kathy Rain by Clifftop Games

Best Voice Work
Kathy Rain by Clifftop Games

Best Innovation
Gurok (for improving and extending the AGS scripting language)

Lifetime Achievement
Crimson Wizard

Now, everyone, on to some game making, we want to have as many awesome games for the next awards as well!

Thanks to everyone who voted for Toffee! I was super nervous and stressed yesterday evening with hosting, I did not manage to do a proper speech :-[


Here are the results, the wiki will be updated within the next days:

I went and updated it, run a check see if i haven't fucked up anything

It was a wonderful night, thanks to everyone that voted for Until I Have You in any category, whether it got nominated or actually got an award back. Took me goddamn 10 years to get an award, but we brought it home, boys. It was an emotional night, even though most people don't think of the AGS Awards as prestigious or as valuable, I have a place for them in my heart. That was why Wyz and I went through all that trouble to make the ceremony via an IRC client in the first place. Snarky has cleaned up the client wonderfully, kudos to Snarky for that, commendable.

I have to say that the awards were very shared this year, glad to see all games that I believe deserved an award get one. I wanted Stair Quest to get an award to be honest, and I think that Journey had amazing animation (albeit very little of it, because it's a demo), not saying that Shardlight didn't deserve that award, it did. I've ported that game, and there's a ton of animations in it, all done frame by frame by Ben304, he's wonderful, not taking away his spotlight, he truly deserves that award.

That's the thing you know with this years awards, all games were really good in any category, I don't think I'd be "that was unjust" if Until I Have You didn't get programming or best non-adventure game or best gameplay. In the same way that for example in the Music section all games were amazing and fully deserving to win. Nathaniel's gritty acoustic guitar focused soundtrack for Shardlight, Clifftop's heavily distorted and noisy soundtrack for Kathy Rain, Stair Quest's chiptunish trip back to the early 90s, my own Synthwave action-packed soundtrack for Until I Have You, and Journey Of Iesir's symphonic crescendos.

That's what we have to keep, this wonderful variety and appreciation for each other. So thanks, thanks for letting me be a part of this talented community.
Worked on Strangeland, Primordia, Hob's Barrow, The Cat Lady, Mage's Initiation, Until I Have You, Downfall, Hunie Pop, and every game in the Wadjet Eye Games catalogue (porting)


Wow, thanks Dualnames! I love this community!


Oh and before i forget, thanks cat. You did an amazing job organizing and coordinating this with Snarky and AGA and whoever else I may be forgetting here. And knowing this is a very stressful thing, you pulled it off nicely. Bici used to drink whiskey. He said it helps :D
Worked on Strangeland, Primordia, Hob's Barrow, The Cat Lady, Mage's Initiation, Until I Have You, Downfall, Hunie Pop, and every game in the Wadjet Eye Games catalogue (porting)


It was an amazing ceremony and really fun!
You guys did a great job!  :-D


Thanks Cat / Snarky / AGA for a great awards ceremony!

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