AGS Awards 2016 - Results!

Started by cat, Sun 01/01/2017 09:39:47

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Shame I couldn't attend, but I'm in a sea of boxes, preparing to move house.

Great job Snarky, Cat and AGA (and others (oh hey I actually did the pencil art for the exterior splash screen thingie!)) for doing this thing, it's really a great tradition that I hope will never die.

Gratulations to all winners, many of whom, incidentally, are among my favourite game makers, such as Joel, Ben & Francisco, Cat, and Dualnames.



Congratulations to all the winners!
           We got a lot of really cool people in 'the house' - very well deserved wins!


It was a bunch of fun.. thanks for putting it on gang!  :-D
Still a little scared to go out in the snow after witnessing those yeti maulings 8-0 ...

Daniel Thomas

Thanks to the crew and all the effort putting all this together, from the start leading all the way up to the ceremony!
Not to forget a thanks for all the voters and of course gratz to all the winners!
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Congrats to all winners and nominees.  Happy to see some of my favorites win.

Let's hope we get games that are just as good this year.


Well done to all the winners and runners up.
You guys are all awesome.


Congratulations, winners and nominees! A very strong line-up this year.

And thanks to cat for pulling it all together, and to Snarky for his tireless work on the client!

Here's to next year! :D
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Sorry, quick question:

When do the icons after the game on our profiles' "Games Worked On" list get updated from "Nominated for (AWARD)" to "Winner of (AWARD)"?

Does this happen automatically or must someone do it manually behind the scenes? (if the latter, then even more kudos for the hidden effort we probably don't even consider)


It's something I do semi manually.  I'll try to do it later today.


Quote from: AGA on Mon 13/03/2017 06:12:02
It's something I do semi manually.  I'll try to do it later today.

So you're the guy to thank! Cheers mate!


Thanks for hosting Cat, and thanks everyone who was involved in bringing us this year's AGS awards ceremony. :-D
It was really fun, and I enjoyed all of the speeches everyone made up on the spot. I can't wait for next year's.

I'm amazed that some games didn't win an award, especially in certain categories, but I think that just goes to show how many great games there was last year.
Everyone who was nominated practically deserved to win with how great they were.


I was sad to miss the ceremony, but huge congratulations to the winners, much deserved!! :)
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Dave Gilbert

Every year I swear I'm gonna make the ceremony. Sorry I missed it, but thank you for the awards and congrats to everyone who won!


Winners have been added to the database.


I've lurked on these forums for over a decade, always thinking that I'd love to work on an AGS game and just have people play it. Let alone enjoy it, love it, and even have the honor of being nominated and then winning an AGS award. I think it's fitting that my first post after registering in 2011 is one to say thanks, so thanks everyone for playing Kathy Rain, and digging the music! To say that I'm elated doesn't even come close to how happy I am. :-D


Something came up last minute and I missed the ceremony, but congratulations to all of the winners and huge thanks to everyone involved the the running of the awards. You're all awesome! :-*


Congratulations everyone! Shame I missed the ceremony but I'm in a similar situation to Andail at the moment. Happy to see some of the games I voted for getting awards, all very well deserved. It was a great year for AGS and is looking to be another great year following this :)

Two Tales

A huge congratulations to all the nominees and winners. It really has been a great year for AGS games. It's pleasing to know that AGS is still going so strong with plenty of developers and players. I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring.

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