A Poison Green – October 2019 update

Started by FlyingMandarine, Sun 12/05/2013 12:15:38

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Hey, I was actually thinking about the game the other day, wondering how it's coming along :) Glad to hear -- and see -- that it's progressing.


Well, better late than never, as they say, right? Time for an update! New screenshots are up along with more info on development - last update on here was four years ago!
I'm sorry this has taken so long, and I'm sorry to say this will still take a while, but at least a fair deal of progress has been made. :)

I'll be at AdventureX on Saturday with my long hair and my mismatched shoes (as a visitor, not an exhibitor), so feel free to say hi!


Excellent, good to see progress being made :)

Will be at Adventure X - see you there :)
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Dave Gilbert

Slightly biased because it co-stars a blond guy in a coat named Eli.


shaun9991: Hey Shaun! I just played through Sumatra a couple days ago; really cool, as usual! I'll talk your ear off about it next Saturday. Kampret!

Dave: Can someone make a game with an Eli as the main character before the other Elis in the point'n'click world start gathering and protesting about their mere co-star status?


Chapter 2 is finished! Still lots of placeholder art and stuff that needs to be changed, but we can now play through two thirds of the game, which isn't bad! I'm hoping to get the last chapter of the game done by the end of August, maybe a tad later, but definitely before the end of the year. And then it's polishing time!

Also, we've got a website! Check it out here: http://www.apoisongreen.com

I actually haven't had much feedback on it, so don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts about it! (nod)

Crimson Wizard

Hello, FlyingMandarine, AGS 3.5.0 released couple of months ago, supports some basic camera effects, such as room zooming and screen splitting, iirc you wanted these for some cutscenes in game, so I thought I'd mention this.


Hey Crimson!

I saw about the basic camera effects! I had no idea there was also screen splitting; that will be practical! I'm still on 3.4.3 but will download 3.5.0! Thanks for letting me know. :)

Crimson Wizard

Quote from: FlyingMandarine on Wed 04/03/2020 21:29:18
I had no idea there was also screen splitting; that will be practical! I'm still on 3.4.3 but will download 3.5.0! Thanks for letting me know. :)

It allows to create any number of cameras and viewports, so you may have several "views" into the room, which may point to same place, or different ones.
AGS still cannot load more than one room at a time, but I believe you can simulate multiple rooms shown at once, using 2 cameras pointing into 2 different places in a room.


Okay, I think I get it. :) The two gifs you listed are quite clear. It will most definitely be used; right now I'm still just coding the "easy" stuff, and then I'll have another pass at the game to implement more difficult systems (more flexible computer searches, better phone behavior...), and the camera/zoom-in system will most definitely make things more manageable.

Thank you for taking the time to tell me about it Crimson! :)


For some reason I've been thinking of this game a lot lately.


Darth Mandarb

sawyer - Are you doing this on purpose now? This is probably the 5th or 6th time I've had to lock a thread you've dug up and each time I've asked you not to do this. Yet here we are again.

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