Aidas bizarre halloween

Started by King_wiking, Sat 29/10/2011 10:21:31

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A game I'm making as a christmas present for my girlfriend. A few years ago I made: Aidas strange christmas, for her and this is the sequel.

Hopefully it should be finished for christmas.

The Story:

Aida, after saving christmas, was returned home and tried to live her life in peace. Though, one day a shadow drags her back through time and space. Not to Santaland this time, but someplace much darker.

About the game:

- Meet the amazing main character Aida again!
- Return to another twisted holiday world.
- Open ended gameplay with different paths you can finish in your own way.
- Dark humour.
- An alchemist-mechanic where you collect ingredients and combine them.
- Classic point-and-click style of gameplay.
- Gore (in the spirit of halloween.)
- About 4-5 hours of gameplay.

Some screenshots:


- Graphics 95%
- Puzzles 100%
- Script 95%
- Music 0%
- Testing 50%


Great, I did like the Christmas game a lot!

Igor Hardy

Hey great that you're doing it! I love AGS game series. And with both Christmas and Halloween now you're starting to conjure up some Nightmare before Christmas atmosphere.

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