An English Haunting - DEMO OUT NOW!

Started by Postmodern Adventures, Sun 15/01/2023 14:35:02

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@newwaveburritos I appreciate that you liked it!

@AndreasBlack Yes, I wrote "hour" without an H. I don't I don't know what I was thinking! It's fixed now. Thanks!
There are no plans to add voices with or without IA. Maybe one day!


I know I said something about it on the Steam page, but I'll reiterate it here:  this game is amazing.  Loved the demo--and looking forward (an understatement, really) to playing the full release in a few months!! 


The demo does the job - I was totally immersed in the setting and the story immediately. You really have a grip on the cinematics of the storytelling, and so far, all the characters have their own voices seen through their choice of words. Really impressive and a great demo.

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