Comedy Quest a little over 50% complete

Started by askalarium, Sun 29/12/2013 04:13:42

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For the past few weeks I've been working on my first Adventure Game.

by Trav Nash
The epic adventure set in the magical world of Standup Comedy.

You start off as a fledgling stand up comedian. With the hopes of being the greatest stand up in the world.

Retro, old school Sierra style pixel art.
Original art, sound and music.
Using your note book you can gain extra material.
Multiple†Ž joke choices for your set each with varying results and outcomes.
Cut scenes.
Bad dad jokes.
Puzzles and multiple ways of completing sections.
and other cool stuff.

Live the thrill of failure as you try to flyer for the show.

Go Back Stage and enjoy being appreciated by other comics.

Hang out in some cool places.

Even social network and watch your fan base grow.
While you feed your cat.

All this and more. Hopefully I will have it finished early in the new year.
I've had this idea for a while and looking forward to finishing my first game.
Thanks for having a look.
-Trav Nash

UPDATE 9/1/2014
I've just added a first look on youtube if you want to see how it all looks.


Great idea! And looks great! Good luck and Iäm looking forward to playing it!


I'm sold by the promise of bad dad jokes :-D


I really like the idea of this one - looks good!


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Then I met the man with no feet.

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