Dragon's Fang Adventure [DEMO released!]

Started by DjCzermino, Sun 30/11/2014 18:32:49

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Hello, I'd like to present to you a new adventure game called Dragon's Fang, currently in demo version. I have been working on it for lots of years and now I've finally got to finish the demo and show it off. It is a classical hard-drawn adventure game (like QFG, KQ series etc.). The demo demonstrates the basic principles and technical concepts of the whole game.

In the demo, you can solve several quests, meet two characters, sleep on a stove, see the alternation of day and night, and, if you want, even steal things :)

The goal of the game is to gain 20 score points and reach the village, where the demo ends.

I hope you will enjoy playing the game! If you find some errors, don't hesitate and let me know about it, I'll gladly fix them!

The game can be found on the website: http://www.dragonsfangadventure.com/




I created a video - preview of some locations which are not in DEMO:



Congrats on the demo release - this looks really nice!


Quote from: CaptainD on Tue 02/12/2014 08:49:26
Congrats on the demo release - this looks really nice!

Thank you very much! Working on full version is in progress... :)


I was reading the history about the creation of the game.
A good example of persistence and dedication. Congratulations Martin!
In my humble opinion the first version of the game is the best around!
I was very curious when i noticed that one of the prints supposedly
showing the Baba Yaga's house.

Did you draw this scene in retro style too?
I'd love to see how it was.


Thank you! It's good idea to redraw some "new screens" in pixel art to ASCII art  :) I can start with Baba Yaga's house, of course :)

I also like my old ASCII game. This game is currently in czech version and i put this game on my czech version of DragonsFang page for online play:


You can play this game here using built-in DosBox emulator in Java. You only need to enable Java in your browser and allow untrusted sources etc..

Controls are "similar" as in new pixel game - right click changes "cursor" and left click proccess it.. With enter key you can see "hero" status and spacebar opens inventory. In inventory you have to use keyboard to "use" or "examine" items..

This ASCII game contains much bugs. I created it when i was 14... maybe in the future i will release bug-free, english-translated version with.. of course screen of Baba Yaga's house :)

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