Finding Shepard *Mass Effect 3 Spoilers*

Started by Nightfable, Wed 08/08/2012 06:09:44

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Presenting: Finding Shepard (A Mass Effect Fangame)

This is my 3rd thread in the GiP forums, so hopefully 3rd time's a charm.  :P

In order to get used to AGS, I'm working on a short post Mass Effect 3 fangame (destroy ending), where Jack has to find a way to the Citadel to rescue Commander Shepard. Her amplifiers were taken away by the Alliance, because she has punched Admiral Hackett in the face for being told Shepard is most likely dead. She's on house arrest and must find her way out of the highrise building she is currently residing in. There is plenty of F-bombs and swearing, like our good ol' psychotic biotic.

Miranda, Wrex and Kasumi will also be part of the game.

ME3 left me with many unanswered questions...

So, here I am, making a Mass Effect adventure fangame.

In-game screenshots:

--> A demo is in the works.


Very cool looking. Can we expect Mass Effect sex scenes? ;) Joking, the art looks great though.


I didnt see who made the thread so, as is the case with many fan games, I was expecting stick figures or something but this looks really cool. Guess Ill have to play the me3 soon though.
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I am already lovin' it, sweet  :-D


As a fan of the ME series, I can't wait to play this.
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That will be wonderful :)
Can't wait to see more
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Will definitely look forward into this :D


Thanks for all the encouraging replies!  ;-D

What I'm working on right now:


This looks amazing! Haven't played Mass Effect, would that be a problem for playing this game?
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Well this came out of nowhere and it looks something I'd like to play! I'll keep an eye on this.

Jack died on my playthrough, though :P



This looks terrific, Nightfable!

Oh, and looks like somebody just got featured on Kotaku.



Peder 🚀

As always your art looks amazing! :)
Never played any Mass Effect game but will sure be wanting to play this!


This looks very promising Nightfable! love the graphics and everything!


I registered here for the sheer purpose of telling you that this looks incredible, I love it, I double love it and I can't wait to play it.


As for guy above, my first post here. Saw these screens just today - they are amazing! And they are exactly how I imagined a game that will follow the ending to be - the style, the art, even the resolution! Had thoughts about trying something similar, but Im not good at storytelling - made a few flowcharts and drawings though.

So Im very, very eager to see this game!

In fact, Im willing to contribute. Maybe backgrounds? Items? Something you didn`t get down to yet?
Im willing to try, then you can see if it fits your view!


I was just thinking, three weeks ago, "maybe I should make a Mass Effect adventure?"

Stop stealing my thoughts!

Just kidding, this looks very nice! Though for me, Shepard will always be Femshep.

And this was by far the best romance option.


I'm so happy to inform you, Natalie Loftarse offered to be Jack's voice in Finding Shepard. She plays Jack in Koobismo's Maurauder Shields audio books you can find on DeviantArt.

I am ecstatic beyond belief and am blown away by all the positive feedback my little, non-commercial, fan project is getting!!  ;-D

I'm working extra hard on the demo which will be released asap. There are sprites to animate, backgrounds to finish painting, etc. I will keep you guys informed on this thread.

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