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Started by Darth Mandarb, Fri 29/04/2011 17:49:58

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Darth Mandarb

Since the FORUM RULES require that two in-game screen shots be posted in your game's production thread I'm creating this topic to give simple instructions on how to post screen shots for your game in production.

Just follow the instructions below...

To save an "in game" screenshot you need only press F12 and the screenshot will be saved in the game's savegame folder.  Then you just upload it to the web and link to it!
NOTE: If you have access to an image editing program why not take the few extra seconds needed to remove the frame border from around the image?

You must use an external website (image host) to upload images to in order to post them on these boards (you cannot post an image from your computer's hard-drive).  There are several websites that allow free image hosting which you can find with a quick google search. Imgur ( is an easy to use option that is recommended.  It has an easy to use interface and allows for external linking (since you must show the image in your thread and not just a link to it)

Just use the code (in the image below) in your message's text to pull in an image/screenshot.[/size]

You do not need to use the height/width parameters in the code.  If you do not use them the image will be sized at 1x (its original size) by default.  You need only use the height/width tags if you want the image to appear in a size that isn't the same as its original aspect.  You only need to specify one of the parameters (height or width) the other will adjust automatically to keep the image's aspect ratio.  For example; if the image is 320x200 and you only add 'width=640' to the img tag (above) the height will automatically become 400.

The usable file types are; JPG, GIF & PNG.  PNG is the recommended format.  It has the highest image quality with the lowest file size (like a jpg, but without the lower quality). GIF or JPG are also acceptable but typically have lower quality.
NOTE: Do not use BMP (bitmap) images!  The system will not display them and you will look foolish!!

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