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Started by Darth Mandarb, Wed 02/05/2012 21:58:31

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Darth Mandarb

Welcome to the Games in Production Forum.

This is the place to promote the game that you're currently working on.  It's a great way for you to get your name out there and for people to see what your game is about (and hopefully become interested in the project!).  It is also a great place to see what others are currently working on.

We all want this forum clean and organized. So, like the subject implies, please "READ BEFORE POSTING!".

This forum is strictly moderated, so read these rules and make sure you understand them before continuing!

The Simple Rules:
PLEASE NOTE: Your thread could be locked if you neglect to follow these rules!

1) Your game must actually be 'in production'.
This means you've actually begun working on it.  Don't post anything about an idea you have for a game.  That belongs in Adventure Related Talk & Chat or the Critics Lounge.

2) Your game must actually be made in Adventure Game Studio
This means the production being shown in your thread is from the AGS version of your game.  If you're building an Adventure Game in another engine (or will port to another platform) we'd love to hear about, just not in the AGS Games in Production board.  Share it in the Adventure Related Talk & Chat board!  All games in the AGS Games in Production board must be developed with AGS.

3) A minimum of two (in-game) screenshots must be available.
If you aren't far enough to be able to take different screenshots, don't post yet!  We know some of you don't want to show too much of the game, but two screenies isn't too much to ask!  Please note that splash screens and options/menu screens don't count as one of the two.  They must be actual screenshots of two (or more) different backgrounds.
Sub-Rule - If you are creating a one-room game you need only post one in-game screenshot (obviously as there wouldn't be another) and in this case you can use a title/splash screen (or the same screen with a GUI showing or something) as the second

4) You must have a clear outline of the story/plot.
You don't have to give anything away, but be clear what the game is about and what the player can expect.

5) Updates should be displayed in your game's thread.
You are free to post links to offsite information about your game's updates (like your personal website, or social media platforms) but if you're going to post an update to the Games in Production thread the post should contain the relevant information about the update you're linking to and not just the external link!
Not everybody uses social media (or wants to leave the forums to read an update) so it's best to include the update details in the thread.

6) ONE thread per game only!
If you are working on more than one game you may have a thread for each but do not put more than one game in a production thread.

7) The subject line must be the title of your game.
Working titles are okay, but if you don't have a title at all, then don't post yet!
It is encouraged to have a brief update after the title, for example:
- MoNKeY WReNCH - DEMO available
- Attack of the Squalmen - need help with scripting
- Tale of a Rotten Weener Shnitzle - 98% complete!
DON'T do this:
- NEW GAME BY ME!!!11!!!111 (and similar)

8) Progress/Status Report (optional)
In the first post, tell us what you've got done so far and/or how you're progressing!  For example:
- graphics 90%
- puzzles 45%
- scripting 15%
- music/sound 90%

The DOs & DON'Ts ...

DO edit the original post so newer readers can grab the latest info about your game:
As the game author, you should try to edit the original post for updates, whenever possible, to make sure that new readers of the thread get the latest status. Posting a reply is fine too (and is necessary to bump the thread).

DO post any type of promotional material:
Screenshots, promotional material, designer diaries, demo downloads, music samples, requests for help with your game, links to your website, release dates, etc...

DO NOT post requests for C&C:
That's what the Critic's Lounge is for. Please post in there to ask for any type of critisism.

DO NOT make various threads about nothing:
This forum is for promoting your game, not general chat. You can chat inside one of the game's threads, but stay on topic!
NO threads about general topics in here, for example:
- What do you guys think of MI2's GUI?
- Need some cool ideas for my game...
Threads like these go in the Adventure Related Talk & Chat forum.

DO NOT dig up old threads without good reason!
Threads that haven't been posted to/updated in 90 days shouldn't be arbitrarily posted to! If you have specific news about the game (and know it's still in production) that's fine but if you have a random question consider PMing the author to ask rather than bumping a [potentially] abandoned game's thread!

Thanks for understanding!
Good luck and happy game-making!!

* Old Threads are threads that have been inactive for near to over 90 days (3 months).

Darth Mandarb

Sierra Online is proud to announce:

Space Quest III - The Pirates of Pestulon

The Story:

Roger is laying undisturbed in the sleepchamber of his escape pod after his second Space Quest adventure. His path crosses a robotic freighter, which has no regard for life forms. The pod is taken onboard, considered nothing more but a piece of trash. After the pod is dumped in the freighter, Roger wakes up!

He soon realizes that staying in this freighter won't help him. And please note that this is a deep thought for Roger! Anyway ... he must escape from the freighter and then, the adventure really begins.

Some screenshots:

Development Progress:

Story: 100%
Scripting: 75%
Graphics: 100%
Sound/Music: 25%

Expected completion date: February 2026

Development Diary:

June 10, 2025
2 new backgrounds completed.  Scripting is moving along nicely.  Shouldn't have trouble meeting the deadline.

Darth Mandarb

I'm making the next Space Quest game.

Continues where space quest 2 left off.

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