Headbanger's Heaven - A Rock N Roll Adventure

Started by Frodo, Sun 21/07/2019 04:54:19

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I'm working on my first game, and wanted to judge interest, and also keep myself motivated to finish this. 

So without further ado, I present...


(formally I Wanna Rock)

Jason Miller is a typical teenage rocker.  Loves to stay up all night and sleep all day.  And of course, headbang to his favourite music.

When he enters a competition in Kerplow Rock Magazine, he never dreamed he would actually win first prize! 

But won, he has.  And now he gets to spend the afternoon with his favourite band, Uptempo Maniacs, and get a private performance of their new song. 
He is SO excited!  He still can't believe it, even when the limo driver drops him off at the band's mansion.

He has his autograph book, all ready to get autographs from all 6 of the band members.  And he CANNOT WAIT for the special private performance. 

But things don't quite go according to plan...






An adventure game starring a teenage rocker sounds pretty cool.
The setting reminds me of Maniac Mansion. Can't wait to microwave hamsters and play games of Manpac in the arcade!

By the way, I love the title Headbanger's Heaven. Way better than "I Wanna Rock".


Hi Lorenzo.  Thanks for posting - it's good to know someone is interested.   :cheesy:
There's nothing like a good microwaved hamster to start the day.   :wink:
And hope you have fun in the arcade.   :smiley:

Glad you like the new title.   :grin:


Still working on this.  Here's one of the bedrooms.   :smiley:




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