Jorry [Demo available]

Started by Arlann, Thu 21/12/2017 21:50:57

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Thank you for this video, it's almost a speedrun without any frustration! ;)
We work hard to make the full game better.


I also played and finished the demo. (nod)

I'm glad there's a difficulty option right at the start. :-D
Graphic, story and animations at just top notch! (nod) I had some difficulty shooting the gun though (thank God for easy option!). I kept pressing the left button to shot... (roll) Not sure if others had this problem, or if it's just me (because in my game I use the left to shot and right to holster)...   

Anyway, awesome job with the demo and I'll be looking forward to see this one released! (nod)
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I haven't finished the demo yet but it's so good. I'm not a fan of horror games at all but the atmosphere in this is sucking me right in, I want to know what's going on in this game. Take all the time you need for the full game, I'll be here awaiting the release :D

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