Mortville Manor remake

Started by arj0n, Sun 28/11/2021 00:22:30

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Mortville Manor remake

This is a remake of the 1st-person-perspective adventure game from Lankhor (1987/1988).
Mortville Manor is the predecessor of the probably better known Maupiti Island (1990).

In this game you play a private investigator who's on a case in and around Mortville Manor.
You're there to investigate the death Julia Defranck, a childhood friend.

You conduct a detective investigation by wander through the manor, search around for clues and items,
have conversations with family members who live at the manor, and try to solve the case.

Some differences and similarities compared to the original version:
  • dropdown action-menus in top of screen plus questioning system are changed into a modern style point 'n click system.
  • no time limit, so no huries while playing
  • original text-only player inventory accessible via action-menu is now an always visible graphical inventory
  • play the game in Atari-ST, Amiga or DOS (EGA Mode) palette and switch between these 3 anytime during gameplay.
  • player moves via always visible 'where to go' list' instead of via dropdown action-menu on top of screen
  • persons present list is now graphical instead of textual
  • better and much, much more textual responses when clicking on stuff
  • original Amiga sound-fx included
  • while the original had none, this remake features background music for almost every area, all created by Eric Matyas

Question family members:

The list of voice actors/actresses:

game character  | voice actor/actress
JuliaCanadian VA
IdaDeborah 'Dythlind' S.

The game's 8 NPC's:

Attic scene in the 3 palettes:


Dos (EGA):


Also: Looking for voice actors and actresses

See post in the Recruitment thread


Lankhor's games were really cool and a great inspiration for me! I played them back when they were first released on 5'25 floppy disks on an Amstrad PC 1512, awesome memories  :-D


Ooh, looks interesting.
I'm might have to check out the original someday.


Looking for 1 more male voice actor

See post in the Recruitment thread


And all VA positions are taken  :)


The game is only missing speech for one last female character: Ida.  :~(
It's not a big job, just 40 lines of text. As the game is freeware, it's an unpaid task.
Who can help me out?  :-*


Quote from: arj0n on Thu 29/12/2022 14:59:06The game is only missing speech for one last female character: Ida.  :~(
It's not a big job, just 40 lines of text. As the game is freeware, it's an unpaid task.
Who can help me out?  :-*

I will ask another friend. Could you send me a character description and the lines via PM?


Thank you very much Mandle, but someone has just volunteered as a potential VA for Ida.


VA for Ida has been found (thank you 'The Last To Know').
No more positions open.


The voice for Ida and Pat have been added to the game, great VA work, Deborah 'Dythlind' S. and Captain D !! :-*


I hadn't heard of Lankhor until I stumbled on this thread. I got inspired, did some digging and played the Black Sect remake from the database, which was awesome! It was just what I had been looking for after playing some MacVenture titles  :-D

I'm sure you'll do a great job with this one. Having three palettes to choose from sounds like such a treat (the Dos(EGA) is my favorite by far).
What is Palace Cheese?
A dodge move in Romanian swordplay.


Looking forward to playing this - it's one I always wanted on the ST years ago but never had the money to buy.

It does of course make me wonder if you're going to do a Maupiti Island remake at some point...  :-D

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