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Started by Ponch, Mon 14/02/2011 01:51:45

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After eight months of work, I think I'm ready to show off what I've managed to accomplish so far. So behold, AGS Community...

Oceanspirit Dennis: Archipelago Adventures!

Inside the Archipel-A-Go-Go Boarding House

A large, JRPG style game set in the OSD universe. Tons of quests, dozens of NPCs, scores of monsters, ship to ship battles, away missions to explore uncharted islands, upgrades to buy for your ship, and lots and lots of hair gel.

Standing at the docks of Archipel-A-Go-Go, the place to be for all the cool pirates


Download the teaser trailer and give it a look. I'm dying to know what you think!  ;D

- Ponch



So this is going to be a full game? If so, it looks awesome! This will no doubt be the greatest entry in the OSD saga so far.


Quote from: ddq on Mon 14/02/2011 02:07:56
So this is going to be a full game? If so, it looks awesome!

It will indeed be a full game. I'm still working on the last few quests as we speak. The player will begin with a  map of the Archipelago that they can explore by sailing the Fancy Man around and sending out landing parties. Further areas can be unlocked by buying more maps (or getting them through quests). As you sail around, you'll have to contend with weather, sea monsters, and other pirates. Plus, you must make sure not to run out of grog for the mateys or cannonballs for your guns!

Dennis will start with his default four spells (Heal, Venom Spear, Burning Fury, Death Glare, and Soul Mower). He can learn more spells as he finds them. He can also buy better weapons for the mateys and improve the stats of his EmoBlade as the game progresses. The ship can be improved to hold more cargo, more men, better cannon, and so forth.

It's still four or five months from completion, but I think the OSD community will be pleased once it's finally released.  :)

Darth Mandarb

Ponch!!  You need 2 [in game] screenshots!  Please update the first post.  Thanks.


Sounds great! I'm glad to see OSD getting legitimized like this, I beg you to put my entries in the series to shame.
And Darth, did you not notice that Ponch's single screenshot itself contains like four other screenshots? Of other games, mind, but it's worth points for creativity, right?


Quote from: Darth Mandarb on Mon 14/02/2011 02:21:27
Ponch!!  You need 2 [in game] screenshots!  Please update the first post.  Thanks.

Even with a teaser trailer included that has dozens of screenshots in it? Man, ain't that just like life. The man is always keepin' me down.  ;)


So this what you were talking about.

It looks /sounds great! can't wait to play :)


AWESOME trailer!  :o

The shark made me spill my coffee!

You rock.




We already love you. Why must you keep giving us more and more reasons to do so?



Igor Hardy

Awesome sound effects!!! Where did you get/made them from?


I was laughing myself silly watching this :D

Can't wait!


This looks like a blast!  If you need another beta tester, let me know.



This looks epic! Seriously, is there anything awesome this game doesn't have?

Pirates? Check
Zombies? Check
Sharks? Check?
Giant Monsters ? Check
Spiky Hair? Check
Huge phalic swords? Check
Shotguns? Check
Seabattles? Check
Over the top sound effects? Check
useless violence? Check
Oceanspirit Dennis? Double Check!

Seriously - this is the stuff blockbusters are made of!
I NEEED to play this game


This looks epic indeed, very cool stuff!

Quote from: Ascovel on Mon 14/02/2011 11:10:06
Awesome sound effects!!! Where did you get/made them from?

I was asking myself the same thing. The Kult-like sound after summoning the Kraken was the best.

Monsieur OUXX

I laughed my ass off when the

when the shark unexpectedly attacks. AGAIN. From the GROUND.

That was epic and brilliant. I hope you'll make a real game!!!


Aww, thanks guys.  :-*

Regarding the sound effects, they're from a variety of sources. I ripped WAVs (and in several cases VOCs!) from a bunch of my old game CDs. You're hearing sounds from Star Control, Rise of the Triad, Dark Forces, and Yoda Stories. (Plus a few others I'm forgetting off the top of my head).

Also, add to the checklist Boobies: Check! (Topless mermaid and harpy action!)

But best of all, I've made Icey and Flukeblake actual characters in the Oceanspiritverse. Now, no matter where they go, and what they change their names to, they'll always have a place in our hearts and our hard drives.  :)

Kconan: I will certainly have use for you as a playtester shortly. But I'm trying to get the next Barn Runner game out in a few weeks. So Archipelago Adventures is on the back burner for the moment.

Ben: I hope you like how I used your green-haired piratess. Turns out she did quite well for herself -- Just check out the size of her mansion!

Everyone else: Thanks for the encouragement. After all this time, working in secret and whatnot, it's easy to start wondering "why am I putting all this work into an OSD game?" I started to wonder if I was wasting my time. But maybe I wasn't!

But you certainly will. Once you play it, that is. Trust me, the footage makes for an exciting trailer. But I can assure, the game isn't exciting in the least!

Anyhoo, starting to ramble here. So I need to go do something productive. Maybe do some work for the boss... Or work on OSD...

- Ponch


OOH! I'm a character! ;D

Thanks Ponch! You the best.


Quote from: Studio3 on Mon 14/02/2011 20:08:45
OOH! I'm a character! ;D

Thanks Ponch! You the best.

Damn right I am!

You're a magical talking snowman who runs the pub in the port town of Archipel-A-Go-Go. That's the place Dennis has to go when he needs to buy more barrels of grog for the mateys.

Flukeblake is a ghost pirate who terrorizes the sea.

And Ronnie James Dio continues to travel the world, helping those in need and putting things right that once went wrong. Each time, hoping that his next leap will be the leap home.  :=


That sounds AWESOME! Theres even a PMQ reference. ;D

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