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A few months ago I talked to m0ds about his Summerbatch idea, and said that if I had time before the event I'd do my best to enter a game. I finally found some free time the last few weeks, and so myself, qptain_Nemo and Kenneth Hyde (The Falling Skywards team, don't you know!?) have been putting together... this...

Moira is tired. The nightmares won't go away no matter how much she drinks, and she has drank enough that she can't even remember why they started anymore (oooh).

On top of this, one of her clients has died before he settled his account (on purpose).

She may have forgotten everything else, but she's not about to forget this. The debt will be collected, even if it kills her (it does).

There are, however, those who remember that which she does not, and they're about to remind her (spoiler).

Sometimes the things that wake us up sweating and terrified are more real than we thought (oooh again).

PISS will have bad language, way too much writing, way too few and easy puzzles, might not get done in time (though fingers crossed!), if it does get done in time you will probably have to pay a tiny bit of money to play it and even if that hasn't put you off the game yet, we had the audacity to call it PISS.

Pretty sure I couldn't sell a game any worse than that...  (wtf)

In saying that, I've drawn 6 rooms and 13 characters (which is about half the game) and am pushing the writing and gameplay so that I can have the first part kinda playable in the next few days, which all means: Progress is good!

<3 Ben

omg I did a little developer diary with thoughts about designing interesting scenes here! :D

And I've done a neeeew developer diary, this time about character design:-D

And hey, look here, I've gone and started a development journal!



In the mean time I grab myself a



Mine is still warm though  8-0


Looking forward to it!

And also to the reviews taking the piss out of it!   (laugh)

Calin Leafshade

This is literally the most offensive thing ive seen on this forum.

How do you sleep at night?


Cat: Hee hee  ;-D

Steve "I wish I was an elf" Leafbum: In your pale english arms, baby.


Quote from: ThreeOhFour on Fri 04/05/2012 13:53:20
I finally found some free time the last few weeks
And it's still not finished? 8-0 You must have had days, if not several hours to work on it! Very disappointing, Mister Chandler, we're used to you making a whole game while you write its completed games announcement topic in parallel! What is this shit - I mean, piss!? (wrong)

That being said, I've no doubt this game will be good :)


        What to say?

Looking forward to this  :cheesy:


TomatoesInTheHead: Yes but I've also had loads of games to play. I finished two this afternoon :D

Tabata: ...there really is a smiley for *everything*, isn't there  ;-D

Ryan Timothy B

Looks impressive. ;)


I think these are some of your best graphics to date - both sprites and backrounds! The colour palette is absolutely gorgeous and a bit more complicated than usually, so well done there, I'm quite jealous of your learning curve! The plot sounds intriguing too, so I'm very much looking forward to this, good luck! :)

P.S. Nice title  :-D

Igor Hardy

I love the bottom 2 screens. Perfect amount of atmosphere and detail in them. Also, the main character's looks are great.



Ben, stop drawing! Go outside! You're making us look bad  :=


great news. Just a few days ago I had the feeling it would be time for another 304 game... but why is it not finished yet :P

Looking great. The guy on the bed in the last screen... is he... pissed? or already passed?
And I so want to see the monk guy from the last screenshot walking with his nice clothes :D
What about a small gif(t) of him? :D


Certainly some interesting game titles in this Summerbatch :p Nice work Ben Chandloid!


RT: Thanks mate :)

Ilyich: Cheers, I've spent a bit of time in the last few months working on improving my graphics, it's nice to know it has paid off  ;-D

Ascovel: Thanks!

Chicky: But there are crocodiles and things out there :(

Selmiak: It's a mortuary, meaning the guys on the slabs are dead  :X. I'm not sure I'll need to animate him walking, sadly  :=

m0ds: Thanks Mark Lovegrope  :-*


Pretty interesting, so to speak. I mean, perfectly idiosyncratic somehow. Paint me interested, son!
I, object.


Potentially is something special... possibly isn't so swell.


Black & white striped stockings are just about enough to catch my attention -- but the way you summed up the story struck a chord with me. Maybe because of the dream I had just before waking up? (about green-faced zombies and alien bugs who lived inside their heads and controlled them -- eek!)


This looks rather splendid. Love the art! :)

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