The Order

Started by lapsking, Sun 07/08/2022 12:40:14

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The Order
an oil adventure game on canvas by lapsking
If killing one saves hundreds of lives, assassination is permitted...

AD 1096, Iran - AD 1096, Iran – You are one of the Order of Assassins fedais, an assassin who would sacrifice anything including his life to execute his master's order. And this time your master Sabbah wants the Seljuk prince of Rudkhan Castle removed. All an assassin needs is a dagger and a clever plan.



Castle Rudkhan River

Seljuk Guards

Development Progress:
Story: 80%
Scripting: 40%
Art: 50%

• All art is painted by hand with oil on canvas (backgrounds, characters, objects and inventory items)
• Historical fiction
• High resolution: 1920×1080
• First-person with 9-verb UI
• Multiple endings
• Non-commercial


That looks great! I'm looking forward to the Persian historical setting.  (nod)


This project looks epic! Good luck! :)


This is a cool idea! But I guess you are in for a lot of work by painting traditional. Can´t wait to see it :-)


When painting is all you can do but you want to make a game, even your inventory items will be oil on canvas. It seems finishing this game is going to take ages!

And this is the last result the player will see.

Darth Mandarb

Please read the forum rules and update your first post accordingly, thanks.

Thanks and good luck with the production!


Oh, I see my post was very messy. Added a quick short story and screenshots. Might edit it again later. Though I really don't know about the developement progress as it seems it's taking me into odd places.


I'm very interested in the setting and I really like the handpainted artstyle. It looks very unique and original. I look forward to more screenshots.


New screenshot:


Looking good. I just noticed...the Gothic Ps look a lot like Bs. I read "Bull" and "Bush".  :-[


Thank you heltenjon. Yes, capital A also looks a bit weird. But this medieval font is only used for GUIs, I'm using another medieval font for speech text which is easier to read. Well, one has to get used to medieval era in this game, even most puzzles are medieval!


Unique art direction here.


My life has been hit by an unexpected challenge, as a result the game production has been slowed down. But the life and the game both are moving forward like a stubborn turtle. The new room screenshot (5 out of 15):


So sorry to hear about that. All the best wishes! I hope game making can be a welcome distraction in a difficult time.



The graphs of the game look great, very appealing. I hope the project goes well (and personally as well of course).


I like the hand-painted look of the artstyle; very original and memorable, and gives a nice medieval vibe to the game.


New screenshot:


3 new background drawings:

Castle Basement

Blinded Persian Mystic

Roman Sex Slave


In case you are interested in what I'm busy with:

The Rudkhan Castle has a library. Originally it never had a library as it only served as a fortress, but since I'm dealing with historical fiction I suppose there is nothing wrong with adding a library.

After Muslim Arabs invaded Iran the Persian writing system was dropped and Arabic writing system was adopted. Thank God, miraculously Persian language is saved but they had to adjust it with Arabic writing system. For example letters "ch", "p", "jh", "g" are non-existence in Arabic language. The evolution took good hundred years to become what I learned in school as Persian writing system. In 1096 which the game is happening this adjusting was still in progress and I'm busy decoding.

I ended up in a book museum in Tehran a year ago to be prepared and took some photos. But my phone with references is stolen and I'm currently not in country. So all I have for now is what's available online.

PS: Puzzle solved, found a research about 11th century Persian writing system.

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