Solus Ascending

Started by ManicMatt, Tue 04/06/2024 21:08:06

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Solus Ascending is a traditional point and click adventure game using an inventory system and logical puzzles. You play as Sandeep Patel, a man who is good with electronics, and makes a living from repairing people's equipment. Recently there have been tremors, and the government claims they are earthquakes. But Sandeep isn't convinced, and suspects other goings on are also suspicious. Sandeep sets on a mission to find out what's really going on, and will set off a chain of events that will shock the general population to the core.

It is extremely early days with this game's progress, but I wanted to see if there's interest in this title as a commercial release, before continuing work on it.

Serious crimes are met with the death penalty.

From the creator of..


Well, I got Detective Boiled-Hard and was happy with it, even tried to nominate it for the one-man voice show.  :-D  The premise for the new game world looks interesting, too.


Haha "one man voice show"! Thanks, it was strong competition that year as well! I doubt I could get away with that on this new game!


Does the title indicate a parody of Jupiter Ascending, or is that just coincidence?

Your previous games have been fun so hope you find time / motivation to make this one!

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