Take a break - Demo avaiable for download

Started by Ciro Durán, Sat 25/10/2003 21:42:42

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Ciro Durán

Oooh, what the hell, with my university life killing all my aspects of life (social, most of all), it'll be a while until I release my game.

Download this sneak peek (at the intro) here, hope you enjoy it :):

Take a break - English!

Tómate un descanso - Spanish!


I like! The buildings are very, VERY um, bulbous. But I like it! Nice graphics, nice plot. Nice intro! Only thing is the writing is a little bright and hard to read. Perhaps you could outline it or something.

Ciro Durán

Thanks for the feedback, Yufster :). The font color is an issue I'm solving (and that's why I've been searching and testing different outlining techniques), and by the final release that'll be solved.


Hey nice intro mate. I also had a hard time reading the text, skips to fast and an outline would indeed be a good idea...Graphics look good.
Keep up the good work on the actual game...looking forward to it.
Pantomime players are the root of all evil.


I like it very much.....
Your buildings remind me of a game intro years ago i think the game was called..Premiere...platform game.

The text was a liitle hard to see due to no outline but that is a minor problem....

I look forward see the finished game...

Excellent stuff..

Ciro Durán

pathetic little bump :P...

Status of teh game: 90%.

To do: a couple animations, ending art, manual.


Cool, 90% complete, I downloaded this a while ago and just had a look.

It looks excellent, love the artwork, the shape of the buildings kinda made me dizzy, that's clever.

I also thought the text went a bit quick

but keep up th good work Ciro Durán, looks to be very interesting

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