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Started by AnasAbdin, Thu 08/05/2014 17:29:56

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Thanks Captain for all your support :)
KodiakBehr... I think you'll love this video 8-)


[June 20th 2015]

Haven't been able to make progress in a while for family reasons. But I'm back on track now!
Here are a few screenies:

Kat's hair enhancement:

Carla startling Carter on Titan:
(Just imagine you are walking alone on Titan when suddenly someone jumps in front of you like that!)

A couple of stills from the intro scene:

Audio progress:
I've updated my voice talents list, added a lot of great people information. Ever since I started making AGS projects, I have created a voice talents sheet. It contains voices types and contact information. I kinda became a casting agent myself! I've also recorded a lot of audio and sound effects. It's always been a dream to me to record all sound effects for a project. It's a little difficult for sci fi themed projects though. But I'm trying ;)



Quote from: Stupot+ on Sat 20/06/2015 09:34:34
It's coming along nicely, mate. ;-D

Thanks Stu :)

[July 17th 2015]

Coding. Massive amount of coding different scenarios that I've been doing the last few weeks. Oh and of course creating different animations for different scenarios as well. I decided to show another example of the non-linearity used in the project.

In this example, there is a wire fence separating this control room into two sections. As a botanist, Carter has access to the left section only. The right section is accessed through an airlock. Carter is not allowed in space. You can either sneak to the right section through an illegal trip from space as shown in the following screenshots:

Or, you can find a tool to cut the fence with and go to the other side without the need to go into deep space as shown in the third screenshot. The fence is fixed by a technician every once in a while. You can always cut it again just make sure no one sees you. Getting the tool is a puzzle itself. Also going into deep space won't be an easy task.

Funny thing is, some animated cut scenes that I worked days on are only accessible through one solution. Is it worth it? Well, it may be a good point for re-playability :P

Here's another example where you have to code a device 'Emitter' which is located in space...
You can take a space trip and do it manually, or by using a 'hack cube' which is obtained through some puzzle solving...

Or you can somehow get access to send a probe and control it without the need to go into space.


I really like this Idea :) makes a game much more interesting, I personally usually plAy a good game several times, and it would be so much better to be able to try different things and have a different experience each time. This has also inspired me to re-think my very much linear game that Is currently at the story complete stage....... or at least it was..... thanks for the inspiration :cheesy: .......... but not all the extra work I now have to do :P . keep up the great work .


Glad this was an inspiration for you :-D but this project was written deliberately to have several paths leading to different endings. So I'd recommend you make sure your story is capable of adding side paths and perhaps multiple endings ;)


Looks great!  Lacks any of my cheesy voice acting though :P


Thanks Dave ;-D

Quote from: CaptainD on Wed 29/07/2015 23:36:37
Lacks any of my cheesy voice acting though :P

Don't count on that ;) Saving you for the best. Something is cooking and when it's ready you'll have some work (laugh)



Thanks slasher. Really glad you liked it. Best of luck in your ready-to-be-tested game! (laugh)


Using a communication device you can talk to other crew members on Titan or use the maps installed. But if you don't have one, you'll have to use sign language to get crew members to 'listen' to you. You won't have the maps as well so you'll have to find your way on your own, use little red flags you can mark places you already visited.

Communicating with Yolanda:

Communicating with Moon and using red flags:

Blog entry: Can't say it? Sign it!


This game just keeps getting more amazing every time you post something new!(nod)(nod)
There are those who believe that life here began out there...



Everything looks really excellent!  I like the added sign language feature.  I haven't seen that used ever in a game, at least not any I've played!


Think you have a ton of interesting things going on with Tardigrades. Looking forward to see more of it.


Thanks SilverSpook and Mathias :)
Just to clarify I am not adapting a full sign language here, it's only the necessary hand gestures to get around with tasks and dialogs 8-)


Nice updates, AnasAbdin! Considering the amount of awesome gameplay and promotional material you've been posting, I can't even imagine how much more content must there be, looks like it's going to be a real massive game.


Thanks Hobo :) I always make sure I don't show spoilers in the teasers and trailers. Mostly trivial parts of the cut scenes or just the character walking around (no solving puzzles) The game indeed is massive in two ways: the main story line of the game, and, the different paths/solves the player may choose ;)


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