The Man From Fugue State - UPDATE 21/04/16

Started by Haggis, Mon 07/06/2010 19:21:44

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@BSP & thegolddiger -  Thanks for your kind comments - the trailer isn't the greatest piece of cinematography ever so thanks for watching :)

I'm very close to the end now, just pushing on to get it finished.


I'm an AGS fan and a Dollars trilogy fan, so I'm especially looking forward to this one!


Latest update:

21/04/16 - Happy to announce that I finally have a fully playable game from start to finish including credits (confirmation of absence of catastrophic bugs pending). I have a few peripheral things to add - achievements (why did I add these?) and possibly a post credit scene. Other than that I'm in, I guess, a near BETA phase getting some final feedback and possibly reviewing some of the more recent dialog which I always let settle for a few days after a first draft to review later with fresh eyes. After that I should be good for release.



Thanks - I wasn't a great fan of the trailer, but it was part of an AGS Cavefish challenge which have been really enjoyable.

In terms of an update:
- Did away with achievements, replaced with a play through of the credits
- Have had quite a bit of feedback and run through the game myself fixing bugs here and there - I'd say it's now 99% complete pending final feedback
- The title of the game has changed - the original title was always a little on the lazy side, so I've updated it
- I've tentatively scheduled in an April release dependent on remaining test feedback and whether anything major crops up


The new title is awesome!!!

I've been following this thread and I'm excited that the game is so close to completion! This looks bloody amazing!


Thanks, this has been a real labour of love... blood, sweat and tears! My wife is probably looking forward to the release date more than anybody... and not because she wants to play it!

Even now in 'BETA' testing, my amazing testers are finding all manner of beasties hiding in my shocking code. So far nothing major, but it just means another round of testing from start to end.


Darth Mandarb

I have updated the first post with a link to the completed games thread.

Congrats on the release!

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