The Tragic Loss of M. Slazak - Demo available now

Started by Yanek_Crispbread, Mon 12/02/2024 19:36:14

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From Beyond Booleans, the developer of Abscission, comes a new Lovecraftian mystery!


Miroslav Slazak - a Polish immigrant who fled to Britain shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War. His only possessions were the clothes on his back, his passport and a large antique ship's chest. It was chained shut.

14th December, 1997 - Six people gather for a meal at the request of Miroslav, but Miroslav doesn't arrive. Among them is a young Borys Garozniak, Miroslav's only grandson, who leads a search for the missing antique dealer. What follows is taught horror mystery, in which Borys must come to terms with the changing picture of the man he thought he knew, whilst navigating a twisting labyrinth and fighting for his life against threats both seen and unseen.


The Tragic Loss of M. Slazak is a Lovecraftian, story-rich horror point-and-click mystery created in classic retro 320 x 200 pixel art. You play as Borys Garoziniak as he searches the bizarre interior of his grandfather's home, solving inventory puzzles and navigating increasingly strained relationships with his companions, with his interactions and actions influencing the storyline and leading to multiple endings.

Current status of the developement is:

Graphics: 30%
Scripting: 20%
Dialog: 50%
Music and Sound: 20%

Correlation is not causation.


This is very a intruiging story and the graphics look great.
Good luck with the road ahead!  (nod)


I played the demo, which is really promising. Great experience. Very polished game (graphics, sound) and interesting story. The riddles are on the right level and do not interrupt the flow of the story. I wish you good luck with your project!


The atmosphere in these screenshots is superb!

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