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Started by CaptainD, Wed 05/09/2012 23:40:14

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I'm not saying because I made the gfx, but Dave and Tino had some great ideas in creating the concept of this game that it is really fun to play.

And Tino created the original art that I'm only expanding. He made an amazing job with art as well.


Both trailer and Adventure-X 2014 presentation can now be found at


Okay, the full game is not finished yet but the first verse is fully made, tested, tweaked, re-tested, re-tweaked, dusted, polished, squashed, sat on, squashed by being sat on, shouted at, caressed, lovingly praised, tested one last time and finally released as freeware!  Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So, the old demo really wasn't up to the quality of the game that we've been making.  The complete Verse One that we're just released is (not saying we won't find ways to add to or improve it further before the full game is released of course! :grin:)


Thought you might like to see (part of) a scene from Act III for #screenshotsaturday. :cheesy:



Oh yeah ;-D
I love the colors used alot!


Troll Song is now on IndieDB and within 24 hours has almost broken into the Top 100! :cheesy:


Congrats ;-D
and why is this not a surprise? good games deserve good things 8-)


Hi Dave,

I did some testing since yesterday but since it got already release and due to how busy I was, I have feeling I came a bit late. I sent a pm to mention a recommendation.

I also discovered the following:
After troll discovered other trolls being completely dead, I was surprise to see bats not moved after wall came down, When a rumble noise is heard, bats are usually afraid and should be moving. LOL

According to AprilSkies, there going to be troll song verse 2? If so, then I don't mind being on team as play tester and Andrae will agree on this as I am working on one of his game "tales" on same manner as yours


Thanks Phil

This released "Verse One" is just the first part of what will be the full game - you're still on the test team for the whole thing! :grin:  Good catch about the bats.

(Also - thanks Anas!)

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