Unavowed - Released on August 8th!

Started by Dave Gilbert, Mon 21/03/2016 18:28:40

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Dave Gilbert

Wadjet Eye Games is extraordinarily proud to announce our next upcoming project: Unavowed!


For six months, you were possessed by a demon. For six months, you unwillingly tore a trail of bloodshed through New York City. Now, finally, you are rescued by the Unavowed - an ancient society dedicated to stopping evil.

You are free, but your world is in tatters. You have no home, no friends, and you are wanted by the police. You can not return to your old life, but perhaps you can start a new one. Join the Unavowed, and learn to fight against the oncoming darkness.

Written & Programmed by: Dave Gilbert
Backgrounds and sprites: Ben Chandler
Music: Thomas Regin
Portraits (not pictured yet): Ivan Ulyanov

   -Choose a male or female protagonist
   -Choose one of three playable origin stories
   -branching storyline
   -A total of four companion characters to choose from. Each with their own talents and abilities.
   -Double the resolution of a typical Wadjet Eye Game!
   -All the usual guff - voice acting, commentary, original music, etc

This is the first original game I have written in two years, and my first ORIGINAL IP since Blackwell Legacy in 2006. It's super exciting to be working on this. More news as it comes.


Hanging out with a jinn, a fire mage, and a dark creature from across the void.

Exorcisms are not for the weak.

This guy is either conducting some horrible magic, or he's a video game developer.

Everything a modern day mage could want.

This probably isn't good.

A city street at night.


Looks just gorgeous! Love the color balance in the first pic especially (and Ben with a sword!). And it's going to be interesting having a choice of characters. Curious to see how and to what extent that'll affect the story/gameplay.

Darth Mandarb

Please update your first post to make sure it follows the rules or I have to lock...

Just kidding.

Looks great!  Good to see you "behind the wheel" again.


Congrats :) I've seen a screenshot on Ben's twitter and was eager to see more (laugh)
Best of luck with the production!


Looking good!
Good luck with the production (as if you need luck, when you have the skills!) ;)(nod)
There are those who believe that life here began out there...


Several others have already said it, but it looks beautiful and the higher resolution is really neat. I'm also curious if the male/female protagonist option will be two different characters or a gender-swapped version of one character. :)


Looks fantastic!  Really like the character design of that twisty blue-purple dude.  Kind of looks like a piece of wire-art came to life!


Cool Beans! I like these mysterious occult storys! All the best!


Wow, this sounds like it's going to be awesome!
And that artwork, simply beautiful. I can't wait. :-D


Looking gorgeous!
I love the step up in resolution. Hope it will pay back in the end as well for Wadjet Eye - but if it can work for Daedalic - then why not :)
Crossing fingers.

Monsieur OUXX

Going hi-res I see!

Well, now, since you're a professional company and all, and have more time for R&D (haha), then how about you develop a process to add a very light antialisaing on the outline of character sprites? (intrested suggestion) ;)


Really cool story idea, and the graphics are looking even more amazing than usual. You guys rock! Really looking forward to it :)
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This is awesome news!!


Looks good, we'll see how it comes


That's gorgeous art.

The plot sounds like the kind of urban fantasy my students love to read - is this a way to reach out to the young adult bracket?

Dave Gilbert

Quote from: Andail on Wed 23/03/2016 08:21:00
That's gorgeous art.

The plot sounds like the kind of urban fantasy my students love to read - is this a way to reach out to the young adult bracket?

Mostly a way to reach my personal love of the "Dresden Files." :)

Two Tales

Very intriguing. I'll be keeping an eye on progress as it develops.


If you play one character, do you intend for the player to encounter the other as an NPC during the game?
Stuart "Sslaxx" Moore.

Dave Gilbert

Here's a bit of animation for kicks:


I love how he barely flinches at the lightning. :-D
"Heh, lightning! You're going to have to try harder than that!"

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