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The game is based on the short story written by I.L.Caragiale, a Romanian comedy writer.

The art is mostly hand drawn and mostly everything is made by a solo-developer.

The game is finished now.

The story is about a man visiting an old friend who has a misbehaving child.
The action is set in the late 1800s.
It's mostly story based so there won't be any puzzles just simple interactions with various objects.
The game will be very short: a 7-8 minute runtime.


-animated characters
-voice acted dialogue
-hand drawn assets
-musical arrangements
-sound effects
-new GUI


New Screenshots

Progress: 100%


I'm not familiar with I. L. Caragiale but I appreciate this time period so I'll be looking forward to your game.

Here's my two cents:

- Rather than moving the text around to keep it visible, you could use the Speech Bubble module.

- About the art: lovely semi-realistic style for the characters. The background should be drawn on a bigger piece of paper:
the lines are too thick and it lacks details compared to the characters.

- About animation: good work on the facial expressions. For the rest of the body, I'd suggest using a 2D bone-rigging animation software like DragonBones or Spriter to add some life.

- Nice colors.

- interesting setting.

Keep up the good work.



Thank you, Creamy, for your input and lovely suggestions!
I'm sure how to use modules at the moment, but I will look more into it.
And thanks for telling me about the 2D rig programs! I haven't looked into them yet, but I'm sure it will make my work much easier.

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