What the **** happened!?

Started by Lasca, Fri 09/11/2012 17:30:12

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Update 31/12-13
I got all the testers I need for the moment! Thanks a bunch everyone!

Update 22/12 -13
So, right in time for christmas, some... eeeh... 'time', after I begun this project, I have a beta ready, and it could REALLY use some testing! There's still some sounds missing, and some graphics I probably need to polish, but it should be playable. So if you're up for it, and preferably have previous experience of testing (I have none), send me a message and we'll get this party started! Merry x-mas! /Lasca

Update 22/8 -13

Update 18/12
Music for the game is being done by Problem! Hurray!

Peter wakes up in an unknown IKEA bed. Where the **** is he? Where's his ******* clothes?
And why does his mouth taste like ******* pavement mixed with tuesdays carbonara?
Find out, and get out, in 'What the **** happened!?'

640 x 400 resolution!
6 rooms, in colour!
Almost male nudity!
Unnecessarily foul language!
Combining of two or more items for completing puzzles!
Story with elements and dramaturgy previously seen in several films of varied quality!

Also featuring!
Beautiful animations, like these ones:


Backgrounds: 100 %
Story: 100 %
Animation: 100 %
Scripting: 100 %
Music and Sound: 85 %

I'd put up more bg's, put since the game only consist of 6 rooms, I don't want to spoil all the fun.

This game, as many others I guess, started out as my attempt at learning AGS.
However, the more I enjoyed it the larger it grew, etc etc. The game is being created pretty much chronologically,
which also shows in the art. Not only have I been learning about ags, but also about perspective, lighting and what not.
Anyways, hopefully it will be done soon and hopefully someone will enjoy it.
Oh, and yes, note that it will contain profanity and men in underwear.



This looks really promising. And I *think* that is the bed 'Snorrebrod', isn't it?

For a "beginner's game" the looks are really neat too. Looking forward to it!


It looks great!;) I like the art style a lot; and the swearing!;)

But why is there a human head on the his chest of drawers?;)


I can see why you would think that's a Snorrebrod, but actually it's a Rutger, the not so distant cousin of the Snorrebrod. Actually it's exactly like a Snorrebrod, but with a moustach.

And the head is also an IKEA product called "severed human head". An absolute must-have!



Poster  and gifs added.


this game looks funny and i like the style of the graphics! good luck with finishing the game
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qptain Nemo

I fell in love and started laughing the moment I saw the poster and kept laughing until I reached the end of the description. Totally hyped about this now.


Working on a RON game!!!!!


Thanks guys for your kind words!

Quote from: qptain Nemo on Fri 23/08/2013 10:23:51
I fell in love and started laughing the moment I saw the poster and kept laughing until I reached the end of the description. Totally hyped about this now.

This really boosted me! Let's hope it lives up to your expectations Nemo! And many thanks!


From your description, I deduce that your game will be entertaining. I've already included it in my "pre-release" game playing list. :)

Best of luck and wishes for completing this game.


It really does look interesting, and full of lots of fun humor.

I am looking forward to playing this one when it's finished.


So, updated and made a testing assistance request!



This game looks like something to put in the "WTF" file, as the title implies.

I wish you the best of luck in this zany game.


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