Whispers of a Machine

Started by Andail, Mon 16/05/2016 08:49:22

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AI was embedded everywhere. In our cars, in our homes. In the clothes we wore. For some of us, even inside our own bodies.

Dreading the Singularity, mankind abruptly put an end to AI. The result was a worldwide technological collapse.

Generations later, Vera, a federal homicide detective is sent to rural outpost Nordsund to investigate a string of murders.

Vera soon finds herself pulled into an invisible war about technology and religion. While some want to awaken the Singularity, seen as a last deity in a godless world, others are vehement technophobes.

Whispers of a Machine will feature handpainted 640x360 graphics, an exciting story with existential twists, and multiple endings.

Visit the Steam page and put it on your wish list!

The team
Petter Ljungqvist (The Samaritan Paradox), Writing, Art
Joel Staaf Hästö (Kathy Rain), Writing, Programming
Jacob Lincke, Music and Sound Effects
Pontus Lund, aka StillInThe90s (Camp 1), Additional Animation
Ivan Ulyanov, Portrait Art
Dave Gilbert, Voice-over Direction

The game will be published by

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Interesting plot and gorgeous screens, teaming up two successful commercial adventure game developers, what's not to love?!


Quote from: CaptainD on Mon 16/05/2016 08:52:51
Interesting plot and gorgeous screens, teaming up two successful commercial adventure game developers, what's not to love?!
Definitely agree, this looks beautiful!


Holy God! That second screenshot (train-line and city) is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Looks bloody exciting!


Agree with what the others have said.
It's looking lovely and story sounds interesting! (nod)

Good luck!
There are those who believe that life here began out there...


Congratz on official kick off!!! Looks awesome :-D

Have you been inspired by Simon Stalenhags art for the visual style/setting of the game?

Really looking forward to following the progress of this game :)


Great news! I loved The Samaritan Paradox and I'm currently playing Kathy Rain and absolutely loving it.

The new games looks great and the story sounds very cool. Best of luck with the development, will be following closely :)
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This sounds quite interesting and I love the artwork. Good luck with the development. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of this!


Looking awesome! Kathy Rain is a must-play for me


Awesome story and graphics. I like the colors used and camera angles. Good luck with the production :)


These are exciting news! And it looks so great and like a very interesting world already. I'll keep and eye out for God's algorithm for sure!


Such stunning artwork, it's almost understated in a way but the detail is sublime - love the concrete base rising out of the forest.

Just looking at that last screenshot - like true Bluesmen do we get to squeeze that lemon? And what is that thing on top of the chest of drawers.

Anyway, it looks and sounds fantastic.


Gorgeous stuff. All the best Andail and JSH. I will be following this closely :-D


Men this is beautiful, what a incredible looking game.

Monsieur OUXX

Butlerian Jihad for everyone! Yey!


Absolutely beautiful! (nod) I must play this.


*spoils the whole game*


Looks beautiful. And considering your music taste in The Samaritan Paradox - it will sound beautiful too.



Looking great, Andail! Glad to see you and Joel working on this, been watching it closely on twitter and definitely pleased to see the plans for a 2017 release date!

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