MAGS August: "Sub-par Hero" (CLOSED)

Started by Atelier, Sun 03/08/2014 22:20:45

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I woke up at 4 in the morning to find that the upload... had worked! Yay! And I have gone ahead and added it to the database.
Although I realised I had forgotten to rename the folder from 'Compiled' and had forgotten to include the ReadMe file with all my freesound credits, but I'll have to do that another day.  I don't have any free time in the next few days which is why I had to get it done now or never, so I'm glad it worked but I'm happy for Fitz to get a couple extra days.  It would be a crime otherwise.

So without further chit-chat:

Hen Man: Origins

This is the story of Ash - a normal guy, a house-sitter. Find out how, in his own words, he became Hen Man, the most rubbish superhero in town. It is an underwhelming tale of pity for this guy, but does he even realise?

Download Hen Man: Origins here


Quote from: Fitz on Tue 02/09/2014 15:50:27
Ghost, Atelier, can we have... three extra days, if that's not too much?

That's Atelier's decision, but I do hope you get the extension! (If it was up to me I'd happily offer a week :) )


Of course Fitz, especially as Stupot doesn't mind. Would Saturday 6th be enough time?


Congrats, Stu! Looks fun, I'll definitely give it a try, myself.

Yeah, Saturday definitely sounds realistic -- and a weekend release = I'll be available for impromptu troubleshooting/hints if required (though I hope and pray none will be needed). Still a lot of work to do, but I'm excited with how it all is shaping up!


Hey guys! I haven't heard back from Atelier about the deadline -- which I was, sadly, unable to meet. It'd be unfair to ask for another extension -- plus, doesn't it always feel like "just three more days and I'm done"? Those past few days I've worked non-stop -- and yet there's still a hundred and one things to do. I'm going to do it, the project is very much alive -- and the last week as inspiring as it was exhausting. But it was also insane, and I need time off.

So, congrats to Stu :D I haven't played Hen-Man yet (just like I haven't done pretty much anything else not related to my game), but it looks fun!

Meanwhile, let me share the fun I had making those absurdly colorful locations -- in EGA color palette, just as I planned:

Is it ok if I start a regular thread for the game in the GIP forum?


Ahh man. I thought the idea was that I enter so you don't have to win by default. :P I mean I'm pretty pleased with Hen Men, but it was never going to be good enough to win.

Oh well, I look forward to playing Magenta soon :-)


Apologies for not getting back to you last night Fitz. It sounds like you've worked hard on it this month, now it's not being made to a deadline you'll eventually be able to release it in a non-rushed state :-D

Thanks also to Stupot for his entry, I declare him winner of MAGS August!


Congrats, Stupot, Hen Man was a lot of fun to play!

But still looking forward to seeing Fitzens game take off someday (nod)


Quote from: Ghost on Mon 08/09/2014 03:35:42
But still looking forward to seeing Fitzens game take off someday (nod)

Geist, ich finde den deutschen Genitiv meines Names wunderbar :D As for the game, it shouldn't take too long to make now. Granted, there are some things left to do, which I will do at a much more reasonable (i.e. slower) pace -- and I might or might not add some things that I definitely left out due to time constraints. I definitely want to make my own font for the game -- and I'm thinking of an intro, but haven't decides yet. I'll probably want to finish it before I go into surgery next month.

Again, congrats to Stu! Thanks for keeping me company in the contest, and sorry I couldn't keep up.

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