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Started by MAGS Host, Mon 16/04/2018 03:42:01

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Quote from: cat on Wed 29/11/2023 15:44:00In Scrum there is a saying: If you can't finish your sprint in time, make it shorter.
The reasoning is, a shorter time frame is easier to plan, track and execute. I think making MAGS two month long could have the effect of dragging on and being more demanding. I'd rather go the other way round and make a MAGS theme where you have only two weeks to finish your game and the rest is reserved for testing and improving.
Or, we could have another OROW.
Scrum typically means something related to your day job, so you get your regular 8h of paid time per weekday to plan stuff out ;) For me at least, it works a bit differently when it comes to hobbies. It's more like the wider time frame, the higher the chance I will squeeze out the few days I need to release something playable. A day here, another day two weeks later, a couple near the end of the month. Just different schedules and lifestyle, I guess.

This said, it's just me. If someone is up for kicking off OROW and people feel excited to participate, why not :)


Yes, yes and yes. :)

Maybe the "finish the old MAGS theme" could just get a little trophy or some thing to the likes. But we should probably find a month where "nothing special" happens... Like December many time brings x-mas themes, and October is Halloween. Just so those special event months are available, if the winner wants to pick a related month event.
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