MAGS November "Rain and Snow" (RESULT)

Started by Stupot, Sun 01/11/2020 02:10:03

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What is your favourite game of MAGS November?

Ice Station Zero by slasher
0 (0%)
Rain & Snow - The Bouncer by Intense Degree
1 (8.3%)
The Cabin by TheBitPriest
7 (58.3%)
Not My First Apocalypse: Stormpuncher by PlayPretend
2 (16.7%)
The Cradle by Creamy, Kastchey and Julia
0 (0%)
The Cat Case by Racoon
2 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 12

Voting closed: Thu 24/12/2020 06:21:40

The Great Underground Empire

Wheeewww brain fried from coding all day. I'm still on track but it's up in the air whether I'll hit deadline or not. Going to spend the whole weekend in a frenzy... basically have all the parts of a half-finished car in front of me, just have to assemble the remaining half and solve bugs along the way.

Good luck everybody!


Uhm, not going too good. Got my BG and a stupid looking character, but haven't even coded a single line of code.  (roll)
There are those who believe that life here began out there...


Got a lot of work done today. It is hard creating a game outside of the usual conveniences that AGS provides. I have done it before, with The Rotary Club, Predators Prey For Plants, and others, but it takes a LOT of bashing my head against the engine to make it work. The positive points is that I grow to understand more and more how the engine operates with every bug I squish.

Closing in on completing the first level.


Rock on Mandle... Love your 'outside the comfort zone' approach..

Keep going mate ;)


Quote from: Slasher on Sun 29/11/2020 11:25:59
Rock on Mandle... Love your 'outside the comfort zone' approach..

Keep going mate ;)

I got so tired of my own coding that I made an introduction menu screen and voice acted for it, and it even ties the game into the theme, which the game itself doesn't do yet.

Let's see if I can tie everything together tomorrow and have a playable game to enter into this MAGS.

The Great Underground Empire

Been coding and assembling 15 hours straight today, about five rooms to go, staying up as late as I need to because I have to work tomorrow until nearly the deadline.  :-D

Might be no music or sound but I am GOING to finish this.


Anybody else interested in a 2-3 day extension?

The Great Underground Empire

I would LOVE one, if that's okay.  I coded from 5AM all the way around to 2AM - down to the last couple rooms and I just can't stay awake.  I will absolutely have this finished with a 2 day extension.


Between you and me, an extension would suit me too. Let’s say 3 days. But as part of the deal you all have to promise to rate and comment on all the entries when you download them (if they have an AGS game page).

The Great Underground Empire

Ahhh omg I forgot to do that outside the thread comments last month!  Thanks for reminding me!

And awake again on four hours of sleep, belly full of Dunkin and back at it!


Nice. I just signed-in to say, "I'm still in for MAGS, and will have something posted by the end of the day..."

...I'll still push to have it done, but...

...this will give me a chance to actually test it, (laugh) and maybe, just maybe, iron-out a wrinkle or two in the narrative. 

Again: This game is a bit of an experiment. I'm just throwing in assets from here and there. The idea was arguably too much to have started on the 15th. It's going to lack the polish of a "second take revision." Plus, I've had to take a short-cut by making some videos to get the player more quickly to the end. Apologies for all of that...  :-\

Plus, I miss doing "Captain Disaster comedy;" this is more serious. I've had to bite my tongue, so to speak, when I've been tempted to throw in the self-referential gags. Myself as "the player," however, is making fun of this as I create each element.  (roll)

In all, thanks for MAGS. It has been good to be motivated to get back into AGS after a bit of a hiatus.


`Promised and very happy to do so!


We are trying to put something playable together too ('us' being mainly Creamy and Julia, an artist friend of mine - I'm cheerleading).

We've been aiming for today midnight but very happy with the extension!


Quote from: PlayPretendBeen coding and assembling 15 hours straight today, about five rooms to go, staying up as late as I need to because I have to work tomorrow until nearly the deadline.
Now you're ready to work for CD Projekt.

Quote from: KastcheyI'm cheerleading
That's soooo untrue. A little bird told me that you had a short night  (laugh)

Intense Degree


Was just about to upload a buggy mess of a game at the eleventh hour when I come here and see about the extension!

OK then, a bit more time to try and knock this attempt at a game into shape.

While I'm here, I'll just drop a screenshot...

See, barely copying 'Not tonight' at all!!!  :-[ (roll) (laugh)

The Great Underground Empire

Super glad of the extension, after another 9 hours of coding today, still only finished the penultimate room. Not fun building an entire puzzle and then discovering hotspots and objects don't work how you thought, so you have to rebuild the entire thing as a GUI.

Dragging my braindead body to bed, back at it tomorrow! Cheers all!


Finished! Woot! :-D

It's playable from start to finish, and hopefully, it makes sense. I'll still take the extra day to play it a few more times, smooth out any kinks, and then have it hosted somewhere.


Hey, I am not participating but I have been following this thread and am really waiting for the games to be out to play :D


I'd better get to bed so I can get up tomorrow early and do a marathon session on the game while I have the alone time...


I know you’re all still hard at work on November’s games, but just to let you know, the thread for December is finally up if you wanna peek?

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