10 Ways From Sunday (Mags Entry - August 2017)

Started by HanaIndiana, Fri 01/09/2017 06:08:12

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*** DOWNLOAD "10 Ways from Sunday" ***
Sometimes to get what you want, means breaking all the rules...

Debra needs God's help and gets his attention the only way she knows how.
And boy does she take it too far.

MAGS game for August 2017


Left-click: Interact
Right-click: Look

Have fun!


I really liked the concept, and it was fun to play !
My first game : I Want Out!


I ended up voting for this game.

I will copy/paste from the MAGS thread to explain my choice:

Noah's Quest was also a really fun game that I had a great time playing, but I couldn't resist the charm of a game that makes you break the 10 Commandments in an adventure game format. This was an inspired idea by HanaIndiana! A kind of anti-quest. And also the end credits sequence was both touching and hilarious! Would you rather be in Heaven alone or in Hell with the one you love most? Nice commentary there on the human condition!

And also the line: "I covet your ass." had me in stitches!


I'm stuck
How do you break the second commandment? I've tried using the paper and marker together, but nothing happens.



Interesting interpretation of the MAGS theme, did not expect something like this, but it made for an enjoyable game.
I assume you ran out of time to give it a final polish, since there were some incomplete walkbehinds and other odd inconsistensies.
Visually it's quite simple, but your drawing style has a certain charm to it and I do like the determined and energetic walk cycle.
There are clear goals, mostly logical puzzles and smile-inducing humor, voice acting is almost always a big plus and I also loved the ending.
A game well done!

When you go watch the movie again later, it messes up the list and probably breaks the game.


Ah good catch, thanks! I'll fix the bug after the 15th. And yeah, I hate leaving incomplete stuff, but so it goes with MAGS sometimes. :)


I really enjoyed this game.

A classic "complete the list" game with well-designed puzzles. The game is a bit linear and the puzzles could be a bit more challenging but overall, very complete and fun, and it's clear that a lot of planning and effort went into it especially considering the time constraints for the competition. Voice acting is a great plus.

Well done!



I loved the game! Great concept, funny dialogues and nice puzzles. Dubbing was good too. And I loved the ending.

My only complaint would be the cursor, I had some trouble with it at first:
I missed the nails the first time because of it, and I couldn't get the ring, until I understood precisely where the cursor hotspot was. I thought it was a bit unintuitive, but maybe I'm just dumb!
Aside from that, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for the nice game!


Quote from: HanaIndiana on Sun 03/09/2017 18:01:00
Ah good catch, thanks! I'll fix the bug after the 15th.

You are allowed to fix game-breaking bugs while the contest is still ongoing if that's what you mean by "after the 15th".


oh, thanks Mandle. That is what I meant :grin:  I've replaced it with the fixed version now.


This is a great idea for a fun ride through deborahs life. I really enjoyed this.

Also I made a longplay of the game


Finished it.
At first, I was reminded of Four Last Things that I played not so long ago. Yet the game is entertaining on its own.
The dubbing is a nice touch.


I thought this game was fun and nicely voiced.

Well done HanaIndiana (nod)

Great game...


Yeah, someone else mentioned Four Last Things! I'm definitely checking it out now.
Thanks for sharing selmiak!

Here is the other possible solution for commandment #6:

(I don't know how to embed without making the video HUGE... :-\)

The Fool

Neat and funny little game. I really enjoyed it. Thanks! :)

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