44 The Jail

Started by Merck92, Wed 17/04/2024 23:47:51

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Five people wake up in a prison for unknown reasons. In there they have to make a choice: Reveal their deepest secret or pay the highest price taking the truth with them.

You are in the shoes of Elias Di Lorenzo in this point & click mystery adventure, set in Argentina in the 2010 decade. Meet the other prisoners and escape from the prison.


  • A traditional point & click adventure in pixel art with puzzles and memorable characters.
  • Set in Argentina in the 2010s.
  • Meet the other prisoners and discover their secrets.
  • A story full of mysteries to been resolved.
  • Two hours of zero-waste gameplay.
  • An atmospheric music with a little argentina touch.
  • Director commentary about the development of the game.



This game contains scenes of sexual abuse and alcohol and drug use that may offend some people. If you are sensitive to these topics, we recommend not playing this game.

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