A Cat's Night

Started by PuNKKoMmANDO77, Sat 25/02/2012 12:48:37

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This game was created in collaboration with an Italian association and is part of a project for schools, where we teach children the importance of respect for animals.

The game has some educational content but also has a classic adventure style.

In this adventure, we control Orazio, a big friendly cat who, with the help of his friends, must find a way to stop an evil multinational corporation from knocking down the cattery to build a motorway. All in the course of one night, during which Orazio will have to get up to all sorts of tricks to find a solution to the problem.

The game have English (thanks to Paolo) and Italian lenguage


for the walktrough (in italian), the soundtrack and other things

English walktrough


Congrats on the release!

I'm a fat cat lover, so this is probably right up my alley.


Yay, cat game! Anda  good-looking one, at that... downloading now!


This is a cute little game, nice graphics, not too hard, and perfect for kids :D Have fun playing it!

Midian Design

Congrats on the release :)


Looks good!  ;D  Will definitely try it when I get time.


Me like! Me like! Me like! ;D ;D ;D


Thanks to all , i'm pleasure to see a lot of cats lovers in the forum

here the walktrough, translated by Paolo


and here the video walktrough



Nice game, really love it.

Perhaps I missed something, but when I play I can sometimes not get out of the dialogues. I use the English translation. Some dialogues show a "Hi" or something else to finish, some not:

Giovannone / Mercoledi

Finished it. Perhaps there was a problem when I wanted to talk to the other cats too early in the game.


Hi, thanks for the segnalations

i just correct this two little problem and now i reupload a new version, thanks for the help and i'm glad that you enjoy the game


New version uploaded, thanks again



I've been meaning to ask this since it came out: My 4-year-old daughter LOVES cats. Paolo said it's perfect for kids, which is what I wanted to hear, but I still need to ask. So this game is fine if I play it with my daughter? Are there any "scary" or inappropriate dialogues/scenes that I need to be aware of? I've been wanting to sit down and play this with her (also get her into adventure games!)?

Looks great by the way!

It is possible if I just play it myself first and find out, but I wanted to play it for the first time WITH her :D
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The game haven't strong language or sexual content

the only scene can be a little strange (or scary) is this,
after a puzzle a character was involved in a esplosion, but he still fine is only a funny scene

for the rest, is a game made for the children of the elementary school


Liked this cute game and its feline characters a lot. The nice happy music fits the game well, too. Definitely an adventure game I'd love to play with my children, once I have some.

Some minor criticism:
The solutions to the puzzles with the hairball and nugget (honey + stone) I could only figure out by guessing.


A Cat's Night is in the competition for the Award of the best European Adventure 2012
Vote it if you liked the game!


Hi there,

I have a cat & he just loves your game ;) If you would like, a free french translation for your game, I'm ready to go !

Thanks and good luck!


Is a great idea, i send you the file


Hello french guys! The game is just available in french now so you can't hesitate... Playing with your kids would be a good idea ;)


A Cat's Night was nominated for the "best european adventure" award at the EGA2012 (the first italian game and the first ags game)

and now is in competition for the "Guts and Glory Game Award"

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