A night in Berry

Started by Creamy, Wed 23/07/2014 21:29:03

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(link to the page entry)

I have been working on this game for several years and now it's out. It's been fully translated and proofread by Alix. Thank You Alix!

It takes place in the XVIth century.
The father of Lilith has Fallen into a coma. When a healer happens to pass in her village, she decides to grab the opportunity to save him.

The game is around medium length and features :
- 2 playable characters.
- 800*600 resolution.
- a simple interface (à  la Broken Sword)
- 1/2 hour of original music by Eleusis88.



Those screenshots are gorgous!  :cheesy:
Looking forward to the English translation.  :wink:


A beautiful game, although I would have liked to play a bit longer :-) Good graphics, storyline and excellent puzzles


I'm proud to announce the not-very-awaited English version of "A night in Berry" !

You can download it on the game page.


This is a beautiful game! I've really enjoyed it thus far, but I'm completely stuck. I searched the hint section and I'm passed the parts they have mentioned. Is there a walkthrough available. I'd really like to finish this wonderful game!


Wonderful awesome game!

"A Night in Berry" in my collection <Best adventure games>  and my first favorite to be Best AGS game in 2015, or other nominations, for example Best Background Art...

i am published "A night in Berry" on the very popular Russian tracker

Thanks for Creation with a Big Letter!

My favorite AGS games released in 2015
A Night in Berry


Dunno how I missed this.
It's a great game! So well polished, good gfx, good music, good puzzles... This game has everything.



Thanks for the kind words !

@Josiah : I've added a link to the walkthrough on the game's page. Use it with caution!

@Inventive Mind : Thanks for the tracker. As for the awards, competition will be rude with all the surprises in store for 2015 ;)

@ AprilSkies : Glad you like it. I had a great time figuring out the controls of "Until I have you" and beating it with my brother.


Alix2468 has kindly accepted to proofread the game.

However, I can't edit my post in the recruitment board because the topic has been locked. Could someone please tell me why :confused:


I love the animation, especially the character animations.  Keep up the good work!


Looks very good!  Unfortunately my French is really not up to much at all. :-[


Oops, I made a mistake in the first post : the game is translated in english, even if it hasn't been proofread yet.



Quote from: Creamy on Thu 05/02/2015 21:44:34
Oops, I made a mistake in the first post : the game is translated in english, even if it hasn't been proofread yet.

Ah... I'd better also update the post I did about the game then! :grin:


Thanks for the article, CaptainD. With all the good games coming out lately, you must have a lot of work on your hands.


My thoughts about the game:

- The most outstanding point of this game is the gorgeous graphics and detailed animations. I am usually looking more at plot and puzzle quality when I rate a game but the art in this game is just so beautiful and the animations so smooth that this is the first point I want to make!
- Along with the beautiful graphics, the environment is superbly enhanced by the music and perfect sound effects.
- The puzzles are good. I enjoyed them and found some of them to be fresh and creative. The difficulty level was very appropriate. I had to ask for a hint and needed one other hint from an existing post on the forum but otherwise was able to solve them and I found them enjoyable. There is a good mix between inventory and dialogue puzzles.
- The plot was adequate. A good plot is what makes a game a compelling experience and distinguishes it from a disjoint set of puzzles in different rooms.
In this case, the main story, despite the captivating details, is still a fairly simple story with little more to the main plot.

One small point:
- Some of the French has not been translated. You might want to play the English version again and just touch up those 4 or 5 lines

Overall, I would strongly recommend this delightful game. It was absolutely a pleasure to play. I am looking forward to playing more from this author.

Bravo, tres bien!



I'm pleased to announce that the game has been fully proofread. Thank you very much, Alix!

@Shadow: thank you. Hopefully, everything has been translated now.



Is there an installer-free version?



Thank you arj0n. I have used Inno Setup to create the installer. I thought people would find it simple.


Thanks! Looking forward to playing it this evening! (Btw, good to see you around here again :) )

For AGS games I prefer zip packages. I just put them all in the same folder to keep them organized.
Anyway, the setup caused Win10 to show several warning boxes and confirmation dialogs. While I do trust you, other people might be scared by this. It might be a good idea to offer an installer-free download on the AGS game page as the mirror download link and say so in the description.

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