A Second Face - "The Eye of Geltz is watching Us" - Torrero Edition (Spanish)

Started by Le Woltaire, Tue 23/12/2008 12:11:17

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Le Woltaire

Thank you!
A walkthrough for the game was posted by Leon some time ago:
It should solve your problem.

If you just want the hint:
Yes you need the fishing rod, but later.
You can get the third fruit with another very long object...


Finished game last night, is really a great adventure, kinda grows on ya! as an architect I would've thought you'd have an exciting city to explore on the day side of the world, but then I'm sure it takes substantial time to generate one! will there be a second episode of what happens next?

Would be interesting to generate a new world where they use solar power instead of margin or something?

Quote from: Le Woltaire on Tue 23/12/2008 18:24:27
As mentioned: In both languages there are partial voice overs.
Just the main cutscenes are voice acted.
It will remain like this.

The current release may contain some minor spelling errors...
It is possible, that I will bring out a modified translation file,
that can be downloaded seperately later.

Like every game by me it surely will get updated during the next year many times,
without changing the storyline or the puzzles. I will just smooth out some small things.

Five persons tested this release, I had a 8 hour chat-session with a blashirkh yesterday to see if any serious bug has hidden, that might prevent someone from concluding the game.

All puzzles animations, sound and music is included in this release.
So I'd call it the full release.

Le Woltaire

I already have the light city design.
But it's going to develope in a totally unexpected way...


That game was ridiculously good.  I didn't want it to end.   The immersion factor is the one of the best I've ever seen using this engine.   At first the character voices and questionable English seemed odd, but after a while it just seemed to add to that immersion factor. 

Some puzzles were easy.  Some were very tricky.  But they all made sense for the most part.  I really ended up liking the main character quite a bit while hating his brother immensely. 

There is no doubt in my mind that you could be working for a major video game production company.  The story-telling and atmosphere are top notch for this platform. 

Great work and I look forward to your sequel(s). 

Hopefully some day you get paid for your talents.


Played it for a while but I got a bit stuck... I'm really impressed with the quality of the game, though- it's incredibly good- the backgrounds, the character art.... most everything. I know they're rendered but to me they look like they're made of clay ( which ups the art factor for me).

One thing that out me off is that long intro. From the narration point of view I believe it's a bit of a mistake to start a story with a neverending dialogue between characters that player doesn't know and doesn't care about yet, discussing other-worldly affairs that no one can yet understand. It felt like you tried to force- feed player with all this information but instead you should've introduced it gradually, to make it more immersive and approachable. While intro played I actually went away from the keyboard to make a cup of coffee... :)

But other than that- a truly wonderful game! Thanks:)


Great, looking forward to exploring the brighter side of planet! :-)

Quote from: Le Woltaire on Fri 30/10/2009 14:32:33
I already have the light city design.
But it's going to develope in a totally unexpected way...

Julius Dangerous



One of the best games I have played, though the graphics and art are not excellent.
Immersing storyline, and an atmosphere which really captures my full concentration.

The many psychological concepts in the game are also very thought-evoking, and left my awaking in the middle of the night, just to want to play the game again.

Smile :]

Le Woltaire

The new version of "A Second Face - The Eye of Geltz is watching Us" is released (Torrero Edition v. 1.6).
It is available at the main download and will update automatically on the mirrors after some time...

It includes a full Spanish translation.

The translation was done by Cireja and Ptraci and we worked about a year together for this.
Since both are working as translators in real life I believe this translation might carry a lot of quality.

Apart from that, additional changes and fixes were made, that can be seen at the beginning of this post in the changelog.

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