A Tale Of Two Kingdoms (Deluxe Edition)

Started by Radiant, Mon 16/07/2007 00:55:56

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:grin: Think you could do a talkie v. Stargate Adventure.....:shocked:(nod)


Okay, this is starting to be annoying... :-\
I clicked the "Download Demo" on the AGS DB entry, and it just sends me to Steam, and the mirror to humble... but I can't see any link on either sites to get the demo, only the buy the game link seems to be available! :(

So, where's the demo?
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Peder 🚀

I don't think there is a demo, it's really an issue with the AGS site, I think it shows a "download demo" button for all commercial games...


Uhm. I thought there would only be a "dwl demo" if there was a demo to be dwled, otherwise it should be called "buy the game" link instead...
But guess this is not the right topic for this. :-\
There are those who believe that life here began out there...

Crimson Wizard

Sorry for bumping, I am not sure where it's better to report bugs. I found a minor issue: if you press F5 during the language selection, then after intro begins the "save dialog" is visible on screen, and it keeps hanging there through the intro and on main menu. It also does not react to Cancel button, so there's no way to dismiss it there.


This is the correct place to report bugs. Thank you, I'll fix this in the next release.


After hours and hours of playing through this wonderful game and refusing to ever look at a walkthrough, I finally reached one of the endings.

And now I'm wondering if Crystal Shard has any new games in the works?


I just got to (an) ending of this wonderful game and there was a point during the ending where the screen went black for an extended length of time while music played. I'm sure I read somewhere that the deluxe version mentioned an animated ending (I guess an FMV of sorts?). I'm wondering if the black screen I saw was meant to be something other than a black screen? I'm being deliberately vague about the details of the ending so as not to spoil anything for anyone, but hopefully anyone who has finished this will either have encountered the black screen, or whatever is meant to happen instead.
Thanks to anyone who can shed any light!

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