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Started by Postmodern Adventures, Wed 22/05/2024 21:24:21

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A fascinanting journey through the London of 1907 in search for supernatural activity.
A point 'n click adventure with seances, phantasmagories, experimental devices to capture ghosts and haunted houses!


- 320x180 graphics.
- Game solely based on inventory and dialogue puzzles.
- Single click interface.
- Take a break during the gameplay and visit a theater to watch a silent movie or read horror stories in Rowan's Rare Books.
- From the author of Urban Witch Story, Billy Masters Was Right and Nightmare Frames.


Congratulations to you on the release, and to all of us for having this available. Lucky us!  ;-D

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If you still have doubts as to whether this is another masterpiece or not, you are welcome to take a look at my game review:

If you need a translation, please use the online translator you trust.  :-D


Congratulations! It's a great game, love the style :D
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Five and a half hours into the game - nearly done - and it is a thing of beauty!

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It is simply one of the best graphic adventures I have ever played.
The story is tremendous, the characters are written with great care and the setting is captured in incredible detail. It is a long game with a lot of events and locations, which nevertheless feels fluid at all times thanks to the great puzzle design. It brought back memories of the legendary "The lost files of Sherlock Homes" :)
In short, a wonderful adventure. Congratulations!!!

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Oooh been looking forward to this one!


THis is definitly one of the best adventure games I played in the last few years since Unawowed.
Great story, wonderful music, nice puzzles, even some are optional, good characters and great dialogues.
Only thing, could have been longer and do you plan doing a sequel, after THAT ending?
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Quote from: agentbauer on Fri 07/06/2024 09:23:40Only thing, could have been longer and do you plan doing a sequel, after THAT ending?

It's just a shocking ending. There are no plans for a sequel. There are so many more stories to tell and so little time! :-D


Thank you for the experience!

The game shines in its writing. You've really nailed the period. The characters backstories are deep and engaging, Beatrice Shaw probably being my favorite. I loved the Arthur Conan Doyle digression, it was very well paced into the story.

The puzzles of the game made great use of the limitations of that era, I'm thinking of the newspaper clipping office here but there were others as well. I think they helped create the illusion of being in early 20th century Britain.

The graphics are great with a lot of attention to ambiance such as fog, lighting, pedestrians and carriages passing by and, my personal favorite, butterflies! So yes, from the streets of London to the moors of Scotland the environment is bustling.

The orchestral music suits the era very well and it's fittingly scary and dramatic.

The one thing I did take issue with from the very beginning was the single-click interface, though. I felt a bit disempowered as I couldn't get any extra hints through examining. I couldn't make mistakes by forgetting to examine something either, which, as it may lessen frustration, also takes away a degree of agency.

All in all, thanks again! Definitely one of my highlights for the year!
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I just finished it! It was a great way to start my mornings: Drinking coffee and getting spooked to get my brain going.

This is another great game by you all, along with Nightmare Frames. It piqued my curiosity about the Victorian era and its morbidities. I loved how you saved the best for last; the more I kept going, the more surprising and visually striking it became. It was a great payoff for putting in all the effort to play through it. I'd love to know more about how you made it... How did you make the time for all the characters with walk cycles, and how did you create those visual effects? Should we add a best visual effects category to the AGS awards?

If you're reading this, I highly recommend it! One of those must-play AGS games.

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This looks absolutely stunning!
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